Only in Texas…..

Just after 4 am a Montgomery resident was awakened by his two dogs out back barking. When he went to investigate it appeared to be a coyote. That was until he turned the lights on. It was a full-size hog. The dogs were restricted by an invisible fence but the hog came into the perimeter and started attacking the dogs. The resident ran toward them in an attempt to break up the fight. That is when the hog charged him. He ran back to his porch and got behind a wooden encased fish pond. The hog seemed to think the resident went into one of the back doors then charged the back door slamming into it several times and breaking it off the hinges.

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  1. fjord says:

    My neighbor just showed me pics of the cat prints in the mud in his yard.

    About a mile from town.
    In PA.

    But f&w tell us there are no mountain lions in PA.
    A few years ago in the mountains (sparse population (they’ve been spotted, photographed and still denial they’re here.

    Now they’re practically in town.

    • Rayvet says:

      When I moved from Northwestern NJ (corner of NJ, NY state and Penn) back in the early 80’s, DNR tried to keep telling us there were no Mountain Lions in that area. Bullshit. We saw them on two different occasions trying to break into abandoned homes during a really bad winter where I’m sure they were trying to find food. Don’t know where in PA your referring, but I’d say anywhere in the east near the Poconos etc. there’s likely cats.

      • fjord says:

        Central PA.
        They relocate nuisance bears here and i wouldn’t be surprised if they relocated the mountain lions here.

    • for years the Missouri conservation guys denied any Mountain Lions were here then back in the late 80’s some guy hit one less than a mile from my place. It’s now stuffed and mounted at the Conservation HQ museum and they don’t deny them any longer. These days we are seeing bears now. Great.

    • Andy_TLC says:

      Same here in Southside VA. Had a cat prowling around. I never saw it but my family did. At one point it walked around our perimeter fence and stretched along a 4 ft section. No question about it. The DEC said “no, there aren’t any around here”. At one point I asked, “So I can shoot it then?”. I was told, no that would be illegal to which I replied, “How can it be illegal to shoot something that doesn’t exist? Besides, we’ve got livestock and I do believe the law is on my side should I need to protect them.” We saw DEC vehicles running up and down the road a few times after that and then… no more cat. Go figure.

  2. joe says:

    Wild bacon.

    • NOG says:

      Too big. Those that big are just nasty tasting and like shoe leather. Best ones are only 25 to 35 pounds. The only good that will do is to feed buzzards and coyotes. Best to have it moved out away from people and let the critters have at it.

  3. the other other Andrew says:

    “so he ran to the garage and retrieved his crossbow as he did not want to fire a weapon with other homes in close proximity.”

    So glad to know that a crossbow isn’t a weapon.

    Gaaaahhh. This world is so stupid!

  4. canonfoder says:

    Nice shot!

  5. pigpen51 says:

    When I was a kid, our neighbor had a German Shepard mix, that was pure white. A farmer came to town, with a large sow in his truck. The sow got out, and came over to the dog, named Caesar. Caesar tried to get that pig, pulling at the end of it’s chain.
    The pig saw him, and trotted over to him. Caesar took one look at that huge sow, and ran at the other end of his chain, trying to get away from that pig.
    I don’t know how the farmer got the sow into his truck, it was about as big as the whole bed. But seeing a huge pig running around in our little village, was about the only lively thing that happened that whole week.

  6. crazyeighter says:

    This is why you never set foot out of doors unarmed, day or night.

  7. rightwingterrorist says:

    Sounds like Tuesday.

  8. WoodBurner says:

    The guy’s a dumbass on several occasions during the encounter.

    He made a lucky shot.

    • CC says:

      Like why would you go outside unarmed in the dark to investigate a disturbance?
      Like any mammal, they can carry rabies. There are so many pigs, do they even test them?

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