Ooooh, Killer Sluts!

Twin sister hunters claim they have received death threats and been called ‘killer sluts’ over Instagram pictures where they pose smiling with their prey.

Danish 26-year-old twins Rikke, a veterinary nurse, and Trine Jacobsen, a physiotherapist, had been hunting with their father since they were teens.

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11 Responses to Ooooh, Killer Sluts!

  1. Henk says:

    It looks as if we found two women who are qualified to be POTUS.

  2. Padawan says:

    Warhorse will tell the lot of ya that dating a killer slut is sucking the life right out of him. Lmfao. ;-)

  3. ed357 says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that their rifles had silencers/noise suppressors……

    Anyone know the EU rules…..?

    • Mac says:

      The rest of the world pretty much regard suppressors as an accessory like a scope or a sling, you buy them over the counter in South Africa and we have horrible firearm laws.

    • Sanders says:

      In Europe, a suppressor is considered being courteous to your neighbors. I believe they are an over-the-counter item.

    • Phil B says:

      In New Zealand they are simply bought as an accessory – use one or not as the fancy takes you.

  4. Frank says:

    What’s not to love. Educated, and can handle a gun, I am currently looking for one with those exact qualities!

  5. crazyeighter says:

    In the words of the late great Sam Kinnison, “Nasty fucking twins.”

  6. Old Gray Wolf says:

    I like them both. Would take them in, but already have a huntress, and they might end up as dinner. And I have to sleep sometime.

  7. lamont cranston says:

    The dog on the left looks like a Boykin Spaniel…in Denmark???

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