Register your ARs, register your dogs…..

For 30 years, it’s been illegal to own a pit bull in the city of Denver. But that could change after the city council voted to remove the ban.

The Denver City Council passed a new code in a 7-4 vote Monday allowing owners to register their pit bull with the Denver Animal Protection (DAP) and get a breed-restricted license.

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8 Responses to Register your ARs, register your dogs…..

  1. Henk says:

    ‘Proof of vaccination’?

    Excellent condition: make sure the kids that are bitten do not get rabies.

  2. Nemo says:

    What other regulations can they invent to steal more money. Then they wonder why there are news articles about the debate for CWII.

  3. Gregg says:

    So, owing a pit bull is ok if you pay a tax. Cannot own one without paying for the privilege.

  4. arc says:

    Pits bulls and Rottweilers are bully breeds owned by the lowest classes of society, gang bangers, and racial minorities. They are usually allowed to run wild and will aggressively chase cars or bite people. No other dog is even close to the bite statistics pits and rots pull and its high time its reigned in. Highly unpredictable animals, several of them locally. My trash neighbors had multiple dogs, one was a pit bull and on the last day there, it crossed under a fence and the first thing it did was try to kill one of my cats. Scum should be lucky I had stepped outside without my pistol or I would have likely shot the menace on the spot. I think those bastards stole our white kitten, on top of skipping out on several months of rent with the land lord.

    While it shouldn’t be illegal to own any pet, it damn well should be chipped and registered to an owner so people know who to sue the shirt off of when it maims or kills someone. Who to come knocking to when it causes civil damages. If someone wants a pitbull, they would be better served with a pure bred bulldog, not an “American pit bull” that was bred for arenas.

    AR15s don’t grow legs and rampage through the neighborhood, pitbulls do. One is a right, one is an inherently dangerous animal and needs to have a papertrail for when shit goes wrong. They should be added to the dangerous and exotic animals list.

    Requirements look great, my only two disagreements are neutering, and removing the dangerous breed license after three years. Neutering is detrimental to the dog’s health and is almost always done without a valid medical reason. Neutering to keep a dog from breeding is both lazy and evidence of irresponsibility which makes me question if the person should own a dog in the first place if they can’t even keep it inside or on a leash during heat season.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Thanks for letting me know that I’m in the lowest classes of society.
      That asshole dog Jack is mostly pit bull and he’s the sweetest dog I’ve ever owned. He’s yet to attack anybody that comes on the property – he barks and raises hell, but that’s it. Yes, he plays rough but so do I, so he clues in on me. He doesn’t play rough with Lisa, in fact her biggest problem with him is that he keeps trying to crawl in her lap for pets. As far as attacking other animals, Legal Lucy attacks him and he backs down from her. Not only that, but we get a shitload of strays, both dogs and cats, and he plays with them in the yard. Lisa’s cousin’s family owns several pits and every one of them are friendly and playful.
      My brother-in law owns a Rottweiler that is another sweetheart. The very first time I went to his place not knowing he owned her, she came charging up and skidded to a stop, then rolled over for a belly rub.
      Don’t blame the breeds because their owners made a dog mean.

      On the other hand, I’ve been bitten by Labs, a German Shorthair Pointer, Cockers, Terriers and Chihuahuas and probably a couple other breeds that I can’t think of right now.

      • MauserMedic says:

        Wife’s physical therapist (small female) came to the house after her surgery.The APBT and the mutt (Pit & Plott Hound) were in to stay out of the rain, and absolutely had to sniff the new person. She advised she’d been in many homes over the years and never bitten by a Pit, but had been bitten multiple times by Mexican rat dogs, and never turned her back on those. I don’t believe Pits are inherently vicious, but my county in NC has more than it’s share of f**kwits who need to have large dogs for their street rep, to make vicious to keep their customers/competitors from raiding their stash, or use them to raise money from bets through dog fighting. Brutalize a kid all their life and you’ll get psych cases. Same with dogs.

    • crow says:

      Pound for pound, the meanest dog I’ve ever encountered is a Chiwawa.

  5. Brass says:

    Denver Mayor vetoed the pit bull ban removal.

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