Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announces his support a bill for Constitutional Carry

Standing in a building that prohibits guns while surrounded by dozens of Republican lawmakers, Gov. Bill Lee announced Thursday plans to introduce legislation that would let Tennesseans carry weapons without first obtaining a permit while increasing penalties for illegal gun possession and thefts.

The governor’s sudden support for such legislation is a reversal from his previous public statements, a significant departure from his predecessor and signal of Tennessee’s tilt toward the more conservative wing of the Republican Party.
You can see the press conference as well as read the opposition HERE


I know, I was shocked to see the live news conference announcing that too. It took me completely by surprise coming from a RINO governor.

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11 Responses to Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announces his support a bill for Constitutional Carry

  1. ScottTN says:

    I’m shocked. But I’m not believing it until it’s signed and all the details are revealed. We’ve had a ‘Republican’ super-majority for well over a decade, and it’s never been a realistic expectation. Hence my pessimistic outlook.

  2. Andy says:

    Yea, ya’lls governor is a piece of work for sure. At least he is taking the steps to get it looked at at least. My governor, Gov. Greg Abbot in the lovely country of Texas, talks here and there about it but has come out right in support like Lee has. Maybe Lee sees this as an opportunity to get back some support that has undoubtedly lost recently.

  3. Scott Doe says:

    Something in that article touched on a subject hardly mentioned….stiffer penalties for illegal gun possession. Jamal might think twice if it was 10 years

  4. Sanders says:

    While you are watching that right hand, what is the left hand doing?

  5. crazyeighter says:

    Color me skeptical until I see the details of the bill. And we can expect the usual slanted caterwauling from the Demanding Mothers.

    The two attorneys, one from Nashville and Memphis are trotting out the usual “Blooood in the Streeeets” bullshit. I guess they want the rest of the state to continue to have their rights infringed on just because of problems in their own little bailiwick. At least I will have a chance to vote for whoever is running against Amy Weirich the next go-around.

    Once I see what shows up on the legislature’s website, I’ll know what kind of fuckery the legislators are up to this time.

  6. Berglander says:

    “… would let Tennesseans carry weapons without first obtaining a permit…”
    ‘Would let.’ Words matter. This is what they think of us subjects vs citizens.

  7. ChuckN says:

    I’d sooner expect a rope-a-dope from a rino than a clear conscious as far as the constitution is concerned.

  8. Sarthurk says:

    wow, what a fuking concept. Punish the bad guys. Who’d uh thunk?

  9. waitingForTheStorm says:

    A possible negative consequence would be limiting my rights should I ever leave Tennessee. Many carry states still require a permit and the fact that we have a legitimate permit process allows us, through reciprocal agreements, to carry in some of those states without having to undergo the permit process in those states. I don’t know the details; given the choice I would like the option of maintaining my permit so that I can travel more safely.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ll continue to maintain my permit as well for the very same reason. I think I’ve got another 5 years left on it.
      Other than Kentucky, I haven’t been out of State since August of 2016 when I attended Mike Vanderboegh’s funeral, but I’ll never know when I might have to, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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