Well, he took that breakup hard, didn’t he?

A woman is waiting for surgery after her ex-boyfriend allegedly bit off the tip of her nose. Allyson Danylko, 24, said her ex became enraged when she tried to end their relationship and refused to let her leave. Nick Grewal, 30, allegedly cornered in her a bathroom and assaulted her, either eating her nose or flushing it away down the toilet.

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9 Responses to Well, he took that breakup hard, didn’t he?

  1. TwoDogs says:

    Coalburners just won’t learn until it goes over the cliff.

  2. Steven Wright says:

    I heard something about a toll.

  3. censusdesignatedplace says:

    Maybe she should have kissed his boots. I hear that has a calming effect on “folks”.

  4. gamachinist says:

    This reminded me of a couple of pages from a web comic I follow:

  5. Noooo! We didn’t need picture proof. A “graphic” warning might have been nice also.

  6. Rayvet says:

    Who couldn’t see this coming? Eye roll.
    No body be taking his white bitch from him. Nobody.
    Too bad. Pretty girl. Pretty stupid, but still pretty.

  7. GenX Crit says:

    Love you and Lisa and LL and that Jack… and CGD with the angle wings.

    But shouldn’t this caption / title read:

    PsychoDudes – we’ve all had ’em – maybe once.

    Again – more love to you all.

    p.s. if I messed up on names, sorry.

  8. Mike_C says:

    For all the claims of “institutional misogyny” and violence against women in the US, it’s far far worse (both absolute numbers and proportionally) in India. They aren’t harmless nerds like Raj on that Big Bang show.

    I feel sorry for her getting mutilated, but she should have known better than to date some asshole LARPing as a negro with that ridiculous beard and flat-brimmed ball cap. Only assholes wear caps flat like that. And she’s clearly NOT learned anything. Volunteering Costa Rica? Bar tending in Thailand? FFS.

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