White Privilege

Tory MP Ben Bradley has admonished “woke” commentators who harp on the subject of “white male privilege” by inviting them to speak to white working-class men whose lives have been far from easy.

“We’re missing a trick if we’re not focusing on ensuring all children get access to a good education and to life’s opportunities,” began the Mansfield MP, speaking during a parliamentary discussion excerpted by the Blue Collar Conservatism group.

“That means we can’t continue to not talk about the plight of disadvantaged white boys who are consistently bottom of the pile,” he said.

“We hear a lot in the media and in this place about ‘white male privilege’ — it seems to overtake discussion a lot,” he added.

“I would challenge those people to come to my community where men spent their whole lives digging coal underground to keep your lights on, and who are now dying early of lung disease as a result, to talk to them about their privilege.

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2 Responses to White Privilege

  1. FrankP says:

    This is an indication that the worm is turning. It’s time someone with a voice in this country stepped up and set the record straight because the situation is quite similar here.

  2. Sanders says:

    I must have been out working when they were passing the white privilege out, because I sure as hell missed out on it.

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