Who couldn’t have seen that coming?

A transgender inmate who was transferred from a male prison to a female prison facility is alleged to have raped fellow inmates.
The biological male was blocked from being transferred back to a male prison, following the incident, as the decision was reportedly overruled by the governor’s office, according to Illinois Times.

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13 Responses to Who couldn’t have seen that coming?

  1. nonncom says:

    What?…..there’s no Illinois Prison for Transgenders?….

  2. J-West says:

    What but a Trannie would rape hose bags in women’s prison.

  3. fjord says:

    Well, to be truthful, they (the people who act like they can keep EVERYONE in the entire country safe if you just give up your means of self defense) can’t keep male on male or female on female rape from happening either.

  4. skipperdaddy says:

    It takes a special kind of dumbass to throw a fox in your hen house. Whats next importing infected COVID-19 patients to the US? Oh wait….

  5. Henk says:

    And HE forgot that Obama no longer is president so won’t pardon him like Obozo pardoned traitor Bradley Manning.

  6. Tomc says:

    I have never understood why transgenders feel we must accept them for what they are, they didn’t

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Something Libs will never learn. No feel-good deed goes unpunished.

  8. Sanders says:

    I’m sounding like a broken record here, but I’ll say it again: A dude who cuts his pecker off is not a woman. He is just some dude who cut his pecker off!

    • unclezip says:

      The shitheel in question is trans in mind only. Pretty good scam he got going.

  9. REEP JR says:

    Chicago Illinois: Vote and Vote often
    IllinoisPrison: Fuck and Fuck often

  10. Abe says:

    This house sure gone crazy…

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