All Latinos Don’t Vote the Same Way

Joe Biden won Florida’s 2020 Democratic primary, capturing a majority of the state’s Latino voters.

Polls have been tracking the Latino vote in Democratic presidential primaries, and many analysts are trying to predict which candidate Latinos might favor in November. Interest in Florida has been especially strong.

Observers commonly speak of “the Latino vote” as if Latinos make up a distinct and unified interest group. This both overstates and understates Latinos’ uniqueness. Latinos are a highly diverse population, beginning with where they and their families are from. For many Latinos, political events that affect their places of origin significantly influence their electoral preferences.


When I was working out at the Safeway warehouse in California, the Hispanics outnumbered the white boys by a large margin and I’d say a pretty good number of them voted Conservative, mostly the guys about my age.

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7 Responses to All Latinos Don’t Vote the Same Way

  1. unclezip says:

    I don’t think Cubanos consider themselves Latinos. In fact, using the term might get you shanked.

  2. Father Confessor says:

    Nope. We dont.

  3. Gregg says:

    The libs really cannot help themselves. Dividing people is what they do. Conservatives and Republicans are just that. Liberals have to divid people up in White, Black, Latino, LGBT, whatever. Just never Americans

  4. Jeremy says:

    When most Latinos understand the donk positions, they are repulsed. Most are prolife Catholics. To them the trans movement are just plain sick.

  5. Gordon says:

    They probably voted conservative because they jumped through the hoops to get here legally and didn’t want wet backs taking their jobs.

  6. Steve says:

    I worked with a Mexican who immigrated here legally in the late 60’s – just in time to get sent to ‘Nam – and a Puerto Rican who served in both Gulf Wars I & II; both of them despise the illegals here and both of them are furious at Trump for not doing more to throw the lot of them out.
    I would advise caution though, on the Dem side, the largest group of people who fall into the “new” voter category are Hispanics and they flocked to Bernie and the Isis brides. And the kids of both of these guys are four square behind Bernie & co. that ought to tell you something.

  7. AK49 says:

    God, Family, Tribe…

    Don’t care how nice a guy from another tribe is if it ain’t my tribe. I don’t want another culture replacing my own, I don’t want another ppl replacing my own.
    The progs have really trained y’all well if you are now the champions of inclusion and ‘diversity’.
    Give it a bit an you will be defending the honor of ‘Lady Maga’ lol.

    Just my 2 pesos….

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