Citizenship and the Republic

There is considerable debate in America about what citizenship should mean practically. Is ‘citizenship’ just another word for ‘nationality’? Should citizens and non-citizens receive equal access to government services? Should it matter if non-citizens are here legally or not? Should the census even consider whether people living here are citizens at all? In another debate, should citizens be allowed to possess dangerous weapons that might enable individuals or groups to do serious damage, or should such weapons be kept in the possession of officers of the state who can be kept under closer control by the government?

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11 Responses to Citizenship and the Republic

  1. the other other Andrew says:

    Citizens should receive full rights.

    Legal Non-Citizens, most rights, as ‘guests.’ But not all rights.

    Illegal Non-Citizens, few to no rights.

  2. Henk says:

    I have received my census, even received a warning that I “had not filled it out”.
    The reason that I postponed this is that I have not been able to come up with a number to put down for how many illegals are living here, enough illegals to give the democrats an extra house seat.
    100,000? 200,000? A million?
    Still wondering.

    • Fairplayjeepguy says:

      Answered only the question asking how many living in the house. In the blank area next to the fold I wrote that the constitution only authorized asking how many live in a house and nothing else. Additionally, no statute usurps the constitution as law, and that no matter how many letters, calls or visits, that would be the only question I answer.
      Last census, I told the lady at the door that she was trespassing, and if she was still there when I returned I would shoot her where she stood. When she threatened to call my sheriff, I obliged by dialing for her. He asked her if she had been asked to leave, and she replied that she had. He then informed her that he knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t kidding and that she should leave most rikki tik because she was, regardless of her thoughts on the subject, trespassing. She stomped off in a huff after I thanked him by name and asked how his kids were doing.

    • Tsquared says:

      When I completed the question about ethnicity I selected “Other” and in the description I wrote in “American”.

  3. Sanders says:

    I remember there being a grade for citizenship when I was in grade school. Never did learn what it meant, though.

  4. Nemo says:

    “Illegal Non-Citizens, few to no rights.” Illegals aren’t deserving of ANY rights. They broke the law coming in here and then staying and sucking up resources designed FOR CITIZENS.

    They take citizens jobs, then send their money back to their home country depriving the economy of their spending. Yes they have to spend some of their earnings to support themselves. How much does it cost in rent when there are 10+ people sharing an apartment? Rice and beans don’t cost a lot of money, if you can get them these days.

    Illegal citizens need to self deport, NOW.

    When this thing finally goes tits up, sometime this summer, they’ll have nowhere to hide.

  5. Berglander says:

    If a mouse is born in a horse barn, does that make it a horse?

  6. Sanders says:

    Breaking into the country does not make one a citizen any more than breaking into a house makes someone a member of the family.

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