Damn, talk about PsychoChicks…

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — She was a married mom living in suburbia. Her youngest child no longer was home because he joined the Army just like his dad did decades earlier. Yvonne Serrano had uprooted her life as a military wife time and time again. She thought she could change her life a bit by joining a close-knit gym community.

To some acquaintances, she came across as intense, abrasive and self-absorbed — far from the nurturing, supportive members of a Coral Springs gym called “Fit Bodies Forever-Training for Warriors.”

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3 Responses to Damn, talk about PsychoChicks…

  1. Cavguy says:

    Damn Kenny what a sad story.

    Booze, guns and hot blood Latin wimenz what could possibly go wrong?

    Ok training opportunity; your a member of that group what do you do?

    1. Who was the look out? That one person in the group not drinking and tasked with the safety of the gathering?
    2. If you’ve had even one drink don’t drive. If your involved in an accident, not even your fault, you will be charged with a DUI. As you have a trace of alcohol in your system. So none should of been driving. Taxi, Uber or a limo for the group?
    3. Individual gets out of control? Leave! Or don’t let anyone from the group help out. Drunks are dangerous. “No good deed goes unpunished”


    • Wirecutter says:

      I refuse to drive after even one drink. If you get pulled over even for a burned out tail light and the cop smells alcohol on your breath, there’s a very good possibility you’re going to jail. Yes, you may be below the limit but you’re still inconvenienced, your vehicle is going to be impounded at your expense and you might even be out bail money.
      I also don’t drink in bars because while I can handle my alcohol, that doesn’t mean that everybody else in the bar can. If there’s a fight, they’re going to arrest everybody involved and let the courts sort it out and you WILL be out bail money and attorney fees because only an idiot goes to court without a lawyer.

  2. Bert says:

    If nothing else, the “Justice” system knows when and how to “hit ’em where it hurts”.

    Had a buddy once get a slightly over reading on the breathalyzer; $10 K and almost a year later before it was all over.

    Then he got into a domestic disturbance (infidelity) with his wife-no bodily damage to either but stuff was thrown and broken, though not by her. Another $10K and 18 months later before that one was over.

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