Got guns?

A 300% spike in gun purchases has overwhelmed the FBI office in charge of the National Instant Background Criminal Background Check System, leading to them considering temporarily shutting down in some areas.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Corona just beat out Obama as the greatest gun salesman in modern American history.

  2. joe tentpeg says:

    Hmmm. Thought experiment:

    Dims get back in power, grant amnesty to millions of illegals.

    ‘IRS threatens to shut down’ in the flood of millions of new tax returns?

    • Butch says:

      Wet backs don’t any stinkin’ tax, what’s wrong with you? Wet Backs send their money through Western Union back to their families back home. Tax free!

      And if the fbi can’t do their job, we need to run them all off, fuckem! Run off the cia and nsa as well. They are all tax payer burdens.

  3. kidme37 says:

    Just heard some ranges are even selling their rental guns. Who has waited through all of this last 12 years or so to arm themsleves??

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Paid a morning visit to 2 local gun shops and they’re wiped out of ammo. No big deal. I got my cache since I’ve been buying what my SS allows every month.

  5. Tsgt Joe says:

    I’m wintering over in Florida and love the indoor range here in okeechobee (Center of Mass). I ordered 2K of .22 and 1K of 9mm to be delivered to our trailer first week of January, no problem. My second order on March 2 was very slow and looking at the different sites today, I wouldn’t be able to get it at all. I’ve noticed a lot more people in the shop buying guns but only a small uptick of people on the range

  6. CarlS says:

    What does the law actually say? Forget “interpretations” by agents wanting to take/retain control. Are those business days the agency’s days, or the retail business’s days? See, I don’t believe a government agency meets the legal definition of a “business”. Again, what does the law specifically say?

  7. crazyeighter says:

    “…leading to them considering temporarily shutting down in some areas.”

    That’s awfully con-VEEN-yent. It’s also the kind of shit I’d expect during the Obama administration.

  8. Gator says:

    There’s some funny stories coming out of california right now. Apparently a lot of people actually thought that the ‘internet loop hole’ where you an just buy any gun you want on the internet and have it sent to you, and bypass the need for an FFL/background check and waiting period (if applicable), was an actual thing. Seems that after years of repeating this outright lie, the democrats have convinced a bunch of their non gun owning voters that this is true. And, after years of trying to close this ‘ loop hole’ they are desperately trying to take advantage of it, and even violate the gun restrictions they supported up until about a week ago. These people have been shocked that a gun store in a neighboring state can’t take their card info over the phone and mail them their gun, and are absolutely apoplectic about this 10 day waiting period they gleefully imposed on themselves a while back. The irony, it burns. I laughed my ass off.

    It would be, perhaps, a learning moment, and something to be hopeful about – now that they’ve been on the recieving end of the onerous regulations, which, by the way, do nothing to prevent crime, maybe they’ll come to their senses and at least agree to get rid of some of them. But, I have zero faith in the intelligence of the average person in this country, and especially the average democrat voter, so I highly doubt it.

  9. crazyeighter says:

    Judging the ridiculous prices bid on GunBroker, there is some uptick in the activity. (But of course not on the ones I want to sell, and I don’t want to sell the ones that have the ridiculous prices.)

  10. Firehand says:

    Sales have been high since first of the year: it’s an election year, and EVERY asshat running for the Evil Party nomination wanted/wants to ban everything.

    Now throw Wuhan virus mess in on top of that…

    • Paul J says:

      Selling like crazy in Wi. Some older folks finally arming themselves. Backgrounds going a bit slow.

  11. )@luis says:

    been gots mine.

  12. Brooks says:

    Obtaining a firearm is only part of the equation…
    ammo is practically non existent.
    Check out your favorite haunts…they’re out

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