Of Toilet Paper and 22 Ammunition

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Those in the gun culture can recognize the run on toilet paper as similar to the .22 ammunition bubble we experienced in President Obama’s second term.

Toilet paper, like .22 ammunition, takes very specialized machinery to produce in bulk at historically low prices. People became accustomed to it being plentiful, cheap, and easily available. Capital investment has been tuned by the market to meet the demand. There is only a small surplus capacity.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Remember the good old days when a healthy dump after morning coffee and cigarette rivaled an orgasm just before that cigarette and nap? Now all we can do when we squeeze out last night’s supper is worry about rationing the Charmin sheets we use.

  2. Nemo says:

    The supply chain has been so structured, over the last three decades, to “Just in Time”, especially in the Grocery industry, it’s no wonder the shelves are bare. They probably won’t stay that way unless quarantine efforts don’t pay off.

    I’ve been keeping a spread sheet of the World Wide and US numbers since 10-MAR. Daily new cases and deaths both WW and US haven’t slowed despite what some have said.

    Charts developed from the data IN EVERY COUNTRY except China are looking like hockey sticks. Apparently the Chinese know something that we don’t and aren’t telling anyone.

    I’m going to the grocery store later this PM. I hope to see the stock levels looking more “normal”.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      Especially when the stores are stocked using historic sales data and restock data.

      So a store stocked to handle normal shoppers can get overloaded when everyone is buying food and supplies. EVERYONE.

      It’s something we here in Hurricane Country understand. Every time some idjit at the weather bureau or Weather Channel predict a storm’s path.

    • Nemo says:

      OK. Things are improved from last week, but still some major holes.

      Canned meat and fish – lots of tuna, five of the small cans of Spam. Expensive sardines back, inexpensive no stock. Cereal aisle fully stocked. Canned vegetables – still lots of empty spaces. Paper towels 2 and four packs back – limit one. TP – six and eight packs back, limit one of one kind, i.e. one six or one eight pack, NO EXCEPTIONS. Spaghetti aisle – still sparse, lots of empty space limit four of ANY SHAPE and some brands that I’ve never seen in stock before. Spaghetti Sauce – Some stock, limit four, lots of holes. Fresh chicken – not a lot of choices, parts no whole birds. Fresh beef – half of the beef case is now taken up with whole, partially de-boned lamb legs. Australian origin. I expect that’s due to Easter, but Easter’s still over two weeks away. There are frozen turkey’s, but not many. Frozen vegetables fully restocked. Some peanut butter is back and some jelly. The type of jelly I buy, no fructose corn syrup, no stock. There wasn’t a lot of that type any way. Lots of bacon, in fact they’ve overflowed the regular case and it’s now in two places near the meat section. They had some disinfectant wipes, limit one. No hand sanitizer. Most disinfectants like Lysol, bleach, Windex, no stock.

      • Nemo says:

        Also- ONE, repeat ONE 5lb bag of rice. No smaller sizes of rice, like NO Near East or Zattaran’s or Uncle Ben’s packaged rice dishes. NO repeat NO flour, white or wheat. There were maybe five bags of sugar.

  3. charles w says:

    Wife scored an 18 pack. Good for a couple days.

  4. TwoDogs says:

    Now a lot of the cheap .22 out there is semireliable crap. It all goes off, but with noticeably different strengths. Some are so light you’re tempted to check the bore to make sure the bullet made it out. I will say that CCI is still making a quality, consistent product. Remington, Winchester and Federal not so much.

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