Patton – American Ajax

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  1. mignon510 says:

    This was an interesting lecture. What I found scary was that he didn’t think there were enough “pre-civilization-type” men to address our potential conflicts. That seems to jibe with current events.

    • GenX Crit says:

      Agree with that – not enough real men. Pull’em out by their hair to the gallows. – IDK haven’t watched it – YET. But…



      what blog is this…?

      ok – sorry – just had to help break up a party gone wrong here in the armpit of Dallas…

      What is it with Millinials … it’s time to leave the party when the drunk starts mouth shooting – some of them did try – but a party? now? It’s time to, dare the suggestion, repent? But here we are.

      Sir, Ken: If you’ve posted Imp & Hills before, and I’m an idiot.

      On another note: Going to give my government cheese to someone who’s lost their tip wages and can’t pay their rent. Not a virtue signal, just referencing my newly left bird. Perhaps everyone that knows they don’t need that hand-out can do the same. IDK

      Love and respect highly for you K and L and the crits. You all do deserve a metal – or something of tip significance. We’ll get around to your crew.

      Strange and stranger out there…

  2. S L says:

    “Society loves us when violence must be done,
    Yet fear and ostracize us when we come home
    and are as we became.” – Me.

  3. David says:

    That man pisses out more brains than most of the Profs that I had at University.

    • Elmo says:

      Probably the man I would most like to meet and have a conversation with. Mostly just to be able to ask him questions.

  4. Jayhawk46 says:

    How many less of our boys would we have lost if Eisenhower and Bradley would have set ego aside and just let Patton loose?

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