Pink Higgins

John Pinckney Calhoun Higgins, better known as “Pink” Higgins (March 28, 1851 – December 18, 1913), was a gunman and cowboy of the Old West. He is known to have killed 14 men in his lifetime.

John Higgins was born in Macon, Georgia. He acquired the nickname “Pink” at an early age, due to his first middle name. His mother and father moved from Georgia to Texas shortly after he was born, specifically to Lampasas County.

Higgins began taking part in cattle drives north into Kansas while a teenager working on his father’s ranch. He was too young to serve during the American Civil War and remained in Lampasas County working as a cowboy for most of his youth. During that time, he took part in numerous skirmishes with hostile Indians and in the hanging of several cattle rustlers. He was an active member of what was known as the Law and Order League, organized to battle horse thieves, cattle thieves, and other outlaws.

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  1. BillDave says:

    I have heard local stories about him. He is said to have killed more men than most of the outlaws. I even went to his grave site. I will send it to KennyI have been wanting to write a screenplay on him for years. Really interesting history.

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