Private property? No comrade, everything belongs to the State

California – The issue of homelessness in California is a problem in need of addressing and worthy of creating ideal solutions to remedy. But should that solution to homelessness be resolved by what some might consider to be legislated theft?

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  1. No flipping because it might take more than 90 days. No up-grades. No remodeling….because it might take too long.

    That will knock the bottom out of a speculation-driven market AND reduce property tax revenues.

    I wonder where those local entities will come up with the money to scoop up all these houses?

  2. Nemo says:

    Well, it is Califruitopia. What would one expect from a state .gov that has had a WELCOME MAT out for every illegal alien and homeless person for last two decades. What surprises me is that any good people are choosing to remain in a state that clearly doesn’t value their presence.

    • Matthew Wall says:

      Yeh Nemo. That California sounds like it has everything going for it. I transited through there once in 80’s on the way to Volant Rodeo at Ft Bragg with the Royal Australian Air Force. It was nice then.

  3. Dano says:

    I expect the fire departments will be a little busier than usual.

  4. Mad Jack says:

    Just pull the toilets. The house will then be declared uninhabitable until repairs can be made. Alternately, have someone house sit the place until it’s rented. If all else fails, cut the rent by a hundred or so and watch it get rented.

  5. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Exalted leader Newsom, governor of CA has decreed that everyone over the age of 65 “quarantine in place” in our homes. He’s serious too, threatening to make it official if everyone doesn’t bow down. Hasn’t figured out how this affects people 65 who work, or how their employers replace them instantly. Also hasn’t figured out how to get supplies to the seniors. And he’s closed down the fucking bars too.

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