Renew the Patriot Act or Risk Another 9/11

Before the Patriot Act, the FBI would have been stymied in conducting a counterterrorism investigation involving a now infamous American agent of a foreign power.


I’m pretty sure everybody here knows how I feel about our government spying on its own citizens but while you’re at the article, be sure to check out the comments to see how everybody else feels.

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11 Responses to Renew the Patriot Act or Risk Another 9/11

  1. Rayvet says:

    Those folks commenting are a bit too “conspiracy theoried for me”. I’m sure some of what they’re implying is correct, but some is just plain Alex Jones like in deep state stuff.

  2. Mad Jack says:

    The unpatriotic Patriot Act, carefully named by King George the Second (also referred to as King George the Lesser, or King George the Desperately Developmentally Challenged) and the formation of the United States Department of Homeland Security (modeled after the Geheime Staatspolizei) do little more than violate the civil rights of the citizens of the United States.

    Occasionally, even a rabid squirrel finds a nut.

    The author of this diatribe, Tim Sumner, doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He begins with, Before the Patriot Act, the FBI would have been stymied…, which is nothing more than stable dressing. The real truth is that between the alphabet soup of various clandestine departments concerned with security, someone dropped the ball – probably more than once. As a result, we, the elected officials, must DO SOMETHING least the hoi polloi think that they’ve elected idiots, and a even bigger mistake than electing them would be reelecting them.

    And that just can’t happen. It just can’t.

    The elected tree-weasels will cooperate on this one, and I think it’s likely that the Patriot Act will be revised so as to give the government more unchecked authority than they already have. Because when you’re with the government, more is always better.

  3. CC says:

    Hey, they’re electing radical muslims to important government positions – what’s to worry about?

  4. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Let’s be real here….they had the “Patriot Act” all written up and ready BEFORE 9/11, and “W” & Cheney fought tooth & nail against ANY kind of investigation. When the 911 Commission finally was assembled and issued its report, both the co-chairs stated it wasn’t accurate or complete because the Fedgov wouldn’t release the info they requested.
    Also PNAC stated way before 9/11 they would need a “New Pearl Harbor” to achieve public acceptance of their plans to invade 7 Middle Eastern countries, which the neocon felt was necessary to cement American dominance in that part of the world.
    No, the “Patriot Act” needs to be thrown into the dustbin of history once and for all!

  5. pigpen51 says:

    If I remember correctly, the Patriot Act expired,and had to be renewed. When they did that, they made it even more anti-freedom towards our citizens.
    I also remember when the feds were trying to get Apple to ” unlock” the terrorists phone, I believe the shooter from Santa Barbara. Apple said go pound sand, and the feds miraculously were able to do it themselves. They were merely trying to set a president for the future, and to get Americans used to the idea that corporations would roll over on us, if the feds just asked.
    I am sorry, but I am reminded of the saying attributed to Ben Franklin, which said, ” If the people are willing to trade their freedom for a little bit of safety, they deserve to be neither safe nor free.”

  6. enn ess says:

    Neither the patriot act, authorizing the Department of homeland sucurtitty, the FBI (flabbergasted bureau of imbeciles), or the CIA (Confused idiots anonymous), none of these are authorized under our Constitution. True the patriot act was prewritten simply waiting for an agenda to put it into place.
    Article 1, Section 8 simply states those acts which the feral goober mint is authorized to engage in by us, the people, the creators of the goober mint. Anything outside of what is spelled out in not legal and not lawful. It’s really that simple, but we the people are to stupid and brainwashed to understand that. Pretty much none of the alphabet agencies are authorized under our Constitution. They exist because the duffs fucks we elected to congress convinced us it was necessary, and a lot of that is because they were to lazy and lame to do their primary job, which is to make laws the country operated under.
    We the people elect congress critters, we maintain a certain amount of control over them. All the alphabet agencies are filed with unelected bureaucraps we have no control over but are allowed to make laws and regulations we must abide by. Hence we have lost all freedoms granted by our creator, the creation of the fed goobers we created are to ensure.
    It’s really NOT that hard!

  7. Nemo says:

    I’m with you WC and Enn Ess. The Patriot Act is a direct violation of the Constitution, especially The Fourth Amendment. One of the things that has always bothered me about agency issued reports, on different situations that come up in the Alphabet agencies, is that they’re always redacted so that We the People can’t make any kind of an informed judgement on the information proved. The redactions are ALWAYS CLASSIFIED, so as to not reveal “sources and methods”, which is pure booooolsheeeeet.

  8. Jack says:

    ALL liars,Criminals, pond scum and steaming cat shit.
    Each and everyone.
    Those that seek power are criminals simply by seeking the office.
    Piss on each and everyone

  9. SgtBob says:

    Yep to everything. Bush got Bin Ladin’s people out of the USA on 9/10. LBJ faked Gulf of Tonkin. Soviet secret police mafia right wing corporations killed JFK. FDR knew about Japanese plans. V. Bush made millions as Hitler’s lawyer. Wilson was in league with Britainfrance. And Zionists brought down Babylon. See any episode of Secret Societies in which Mormons, Catholics, Templars, Bones and Skulls run corporations and governments. Don’t renew the unPatriot Act.

  10. RobinKaty says:

    Yeah, you can add me to the list that thinks they knew what they were doing and figured they could get away with spying on the masses. Remember Reno designating us as potential terrorists and folks to monitor. Government doesn’t trust its citizens. I think as soon as Trump is gone, it will go back to the NWO.

  11. Butch says:

    Hey, consider this. The fedgov has been crooked as hell since 1913 when TPTB initiated grand theft with income tax. You could probably go back farther, but 1913 is a good starting point.

    Since then there have been multiple bogus “laws” passed and agencies given power….all beyond the strictures of the Constitution. The fedgov is a criminal enterprise. Can we all agree on that?

    If you can wrap your head around that, then begin planning your life to live within the confines of the national criminality. Cheat the taxes, bypass regulations and edits. Confound the fedgov at every step and stay ahead of them. Be smart and don’t get caught.

    One basic thing to remember is the grandest tax haven in the world is the USA…for foreign people. Learn the rules and you too can play the tax haven game just like companies from Europe. All it takes is some paperwork. Becoming a world class criminal to save all the money you make is fun for sure and very workable once you learn the “laws”. Otherwise know as the globalist’s rules. fuckem

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