Sunday gifdump


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  1. H says:

    #9 will not end up like either of them expected.

  2. C.R. says:

    # 6 the fellow pushed just a bit too hard !

  3. Ragnar says:

    #9 nearly made me pass coffee through my nose.

    Feckin’ funny.

    No boom boom for him tonight though.

  4. joe says:

    #9 was excellent! No sex or sammich for him.

  5. Steve S. says:

    #9. Sandwich isn’t the only thing he’s NOT getting.

  6. #6 – Barge With 600 Gallons of Diesel Sinks Off Galápagos Islands.The spill, which occurred after a crane toppled onto a barge, forced an emergency cleanup in one of the world’s most revered natural destinations. Not funny.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      Yeah, it was. Can’t you just imagine the phone call….

      Worker- “Boss, you know that generator we were loading on the boat, it is now in the water.”
      Boss- “Bad, but manageable. At least we can lift it out with the loader.”
      Worker- “Uhhh Boss, about that loader……..”
      Boss- “What!!!! You put the loader in the drink tooo!!!!! I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.”
      Worker- “And Boss, you know that boat we were loading the generator onto…..”
      Boss- “YOU IDIOTS SANK THE BOAT TOOO?!?!?!?!”

    • Just A Chemist says:

      Big problem indeed…
      That’s why it’s funny!

    • kennymac says:

      I guess, but from the background, that doesn’t look like the Galapagos.

    • Rayvet says:

      600 gallons? That’s not that much.

    • GuyGadbous says:

      Lighten up, Francis….

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    #5: I’m pretty sure Crosby, Stills Nash: “Teach Your Children Well” doesn’t apply to Russian Roulette.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    #10; Use to do that with my daughter when she was about 5. I use to take her to the self-service car wash. No matter how many times I blasted the window she always reacted the same. Took me a while to learn it was better than a juvenile laxative too.

  9. REEP JR says:

    #6 Ho Lee Fuk Shipping Company Ltd Hong Kong

  10. st says:

    Can’t go to church? Sunday Mass and Protestant Service for March 22 (Video)

  11. WoodBurner says:

    #6, Make him shit sandwich and leave.

    What a Jerk.

  12. pigpen51 says:

    #9, If she makes you that sandwich, I wouldn’t eat it.

  13. Jeremy says:

    #3. My turn now.
    #4. Hope she doesn’t drive like she skates. Asian, uh oh.
    #5. Suzie looked into a gun
    Pulled the trigger just for fun,
    Mother said in a voice quite pained
    Suzie is so scatterbrained.
    #8. Fun puppy.
    #9. Alone again… Naturally.

  14. RosalindJ says:

    #4. I had a job as an ice rink guard at the USNA in my teens. Met a middie there who had never ice-skated. Talked him into it. The guy moved like a human windmill. A veritable drunken inflated tube man on speed. I still chuckle over that. Huge props though. He managed to keep both feet on the ice. Barely.

  15. kennymac says:

    #4 It ain’t so easy. It was pretty humbling when my son was 8 and I was 50 and I had to acknowledge that I couldn’t have caught him on the ice if my life depended on it.

  16. dhmosquito says:

    #6 Sum (Moments) =/= 0. Didn’t do their sophomore mechanics. In this case he went from a statics problem to a dynamics “situation” in a hurry. As soon as it started I figured what was about to happen.

  17. grayman says:

    #1 WTF are you to stupid to see that a car was stopped and the 2nd one wow stupidity at its finest

  18. mjazz says:

    1) Reminds me of an AA story that began, “I was following a parked car…”

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