Wednesday gifdump


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23 Responses to Wednesday gifdump

  1. Paul B says:

    #10, now that is a spring. Wonder what it is for?

  2. Elmo says:

    #9- Wow! That kid’s GOOD!!!

  3. Henk says:

    #3: Genius, adding a hidden compartment for smuggling toilet paper.

  4. Brother Antony says:

    1), 3), 5) & 9). Hard call today. Which one for the trophy?

  5. nonncom says:

    #1, because it can….#7 a well placed bucket in the way, and…..I remember when I was right out of high school I was working on a condo project and the sheet rock guys used a pair of stilts and a device called a bazooka that both mudded and taped at the same time….the guy using it was built like Popeye, but man could he tape some joints….there was another guy on stilts with a blade to clean it up.

  6. bogsidebunny says:

    #5: Love that puppy!

  7. Kirk says:

    I’d say #9 for the trophy and #6 for the stupid award .

  8. Midwest Chick says:

    #5 What a good doggy!
    #6 Is this a thing? Second one playing with fire….

  9. CC says:

    Love to see #3 slow & more detail.

  10. stine says:

    Hic-up….BOOM. or at the very least 3rd degree burns in the lungs…

    Stupidity has no bounds.

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