Weekly Roundup: Strategic Control Over Medical Products Edition

It is sobering to realize that the coronavirus will likely kill my mother, who has very little lung function left after years of sarcoidosis. It may well kill my grandmother, who would otherwise probably clear the 100-year mark with ease. But the worst part of this is having a conversation with my father in which he rather wistfully says, “At least there was a moment or two of national unity after 9/11,” and realizing just how right he is about that. There won’t be any national unity during the “Wuhan flu” (discussing the origins of which is now considered to be racist) or in the long tail of its aftereffects.

This virus seems tailor made to divide us along every possible fault line. The left wing literally wants to use it as a bioweapon against their political opponents. Young people call it the “boomer remover” and cheer on the idea that it might affect the election in their favor by killing older voters en masse. Secure in the knowledge that they were unlikely to themselves die from the virus they would pass on to others, a group of young women I know decided to take a week-long trip to Amsterdam for a non-stop indulgence in drugs and, ahem, party behavior: presumably whatever strain they bring back could be called COVID-69. Students are being forcibly ejected from their dorms by police, and some of them are copying the riot techniques they’ve learned from watching Antifa on YouTube.

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8 Responses to Weekly Roundup: Strategic Control Over Medical Products Edition

  1. Bob M says:

    Good grief.

    I am a white American male and am a raging pessimist when it comes to my/our future, and it’s far worse than even I imagined.

    There was a movie when a man and his daughter – or wife – stood on the beach as an incredibly huge tidal wave approached them, a tidal wave that had been generated by an asteroid hitting the ocean. Their death was a foregone conclusion.

    I feel just like that guy in the movie…. helpless, doomed.

    But there is a subtle current in my mind thinking maybe I could – and should – take a few of the sons-of-bitches that caused all this with me.

    • joe says:

      Bob – Don’t give up man. This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. God has this under control.

  2. fRed says:

    They stop meds, we stop food, f-them.

  3. Berglander says:

    “It is sobering to realize that the coronavirus will likely kill my mother, who has very little lung function left after years of sarcoidosis.”

    Does the author expect his mother to live forever? Losing any loved one is awful…none of us gets out of here alive.

  4. Paul B says:

    the move was a dad and his daughter and they decided to not go to the world that would follow. So sort of a suicide pact.

    As far as old people getting it that would be places where they are packed in like sardines. If they live at home they should be good.

    Bunch of hype anyway.

    • The Original Annie says:

      The movie was more nuanced than that. The daughter had a secure place to go but the father didn’t. The daughter gave up her place so that someone else could survive.

      I’m very glad that my parents are in a senior living facility. The facility has locked things down and is sanitizing things in a way that couldn’t be done at home with other, possibly infected people, wandering in and out all the time.

      “Bunch of hype”? Do you understand the concept of an exponential curve? Do you understand the concept of asymptomatic people spreading the virus for weeks before they show symptoms? Do you understand how far a novel virus, one that nobody on earth had any immunity to, can spread? Do you understand that many people, while most are not dying, are calling this the worst and longest lasting flu-like illness they’ve ever had and some need a ventilator to survive while their lungs fill up and they can’t breathe. Most of those who get symptoms will have long term damage to their lungs. Yes, the death rate is not as high as it could have been compared to some other viruses but as of right now the number of confirmed cases world wide is 492,603 – half a million. And confirmed cases outside of China are still going up by 10 times every 14 days. So if the trend continues that’s 5 million two weeks from now, 50 million 4 weeks from now, 500 million six weeks from now, and 5 billion eight weeks from now. And that’s just confirmed cases the number of infected that haven’t been tested could easily be 10 time that many, or more. This virus will infect most of the people on the planet in the next couple months. That’s not hype, that’s simple science and math.

    • Bob M says:

      Yep. I’ve been shuffled into an over 55 joint where all your cares and concerns are “taken care of”. Actually, it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” solution by those who put me here. Can’t say I blame them…. they have their own lives to live in a disintegrating society. But – After my Dad died, my sister and I took care of our Mom for seventeen years – in our homes – until she died. She never wanted for a thing.

  5. SgtBob says:

    Moriarty, again with the negative waves. Eat some cheese, drink some wine, soak up some sun.

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