You’d think a cop would know to keep his finger off the damned trigger, wouldn’t you?

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, TN (WSMV) — The Cumberland County Schools Department and Sheriff’s Office say a School Resource officer’s gun accidentally went off inside Pine View Elementary school Friday morning.

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12 Responses to You’d think a cop would know to keep his finger off the damned trigger, wouldn’t you?

  1. Dan Patterson says:

    I used to think LEO were highly trained and professional, acting with only our best interests in mind and always respectful and supporting of the Constitution. Then I had my 5th birthday and matured in my thinking.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      No, most cops get less firearms training than recruits in basic training.

      And they have to shoot a very minimal refresher course.

      Most cops are not people-of-the-gun.

  2. CarlS says:

    What would happen to someone not a LEO who had an accidental discharge at his/her/it’s place of work? Or anywhere? At the very least, the weapon would be held, for a good long while. No matter the impact on job, earnings, and perso al safety. Let’s see what happens here.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      Nothing, a whole lot of nothing will happen. We have had two difference occurrences where the local cops have been finger banging their handguns and fired them off in the station. Quietly swept under the rug.

      And we have a local deputy who was fired from one job after an ND that hit someone. A year later he was at a wedding and dropped a revolver. He claimed that it went off when it hit the floor, a claim that I find highly suspect since every modern revolver I could research has either a hammer block or a transfer bar to prevent discharge from dropping. That shot hit his mother in the stomach. So that deputy was fired from the department he was with. A couple of months later he was a jailer with a 3rd county. So this dumbass has hit two different people with ND’s and is still working for the government.

      Last year, I think, the local Sheriff’s tactical team was training, they somehow shot up a guy’s house that was behind their target range.

      My all time favorite was 20 years ago, the sheriff and his deputies were confronting some old guy with a single shot shotgun. They were in a trailer park. The old guy fired off his single round and didn’t hit anyone. Four deputies unloaded and shot that trailer park to hell. Luckily they didn’t hit anyone, including the old guy with the shotgun and the sheriff who was standing in front of them.

  3. kevinH says:

    A school resource officer had a negligent discharge. No children were injured.
    There, I fixed it for you.

    • POd American says:

      And as a plus, most schools are closing so there’s even less of a chance that children will injured by blue-suited children.

    • crawfisher says:

      These guys are the first responders when there is an incident. Good grief

  4. Fairplayjeepguy says:

    Keep your boogerho…….nevermind.

    Sorry Kenny, couldn’t help myself.

  5. FrankP says:

    This “officer” should get a promotion. One that entitles him to only carry one bullet in his shirt pocket.

  6. singlestack says:

    The report says the officer was alone in his office when the gun went off, that no children were in the area, and no one was injured.

    The dickhead was bored so he started playing with his gun.

  7. B.S. in V. C. says:

    “Officer was placed on administrative leave”
    That moron needs to be fired.

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