Your Friday Morning Florida Report

A Florida woman has been charged with child neglect for allegedly leaving a boy alone inside a home with no running water, electricity or food for nine days, forcing the child to survive on handouts from neighbors.

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6 Responses to Your Friday Morning Florida Report

  1. SAM says:

    The neighbors just let it happen

  2. WoodBurner says:

    Escambia County leo’s needed a fall guy, they found a gal.

    What gets me is the “neighbors” inadequate response. Who stood up for the boy when the guy is getting hauled off to jail?

    The kid is a survivor, I wish him well.

  3. the other Rick says:

    The boy’s age was redacted. If the boy was younger than, say 10 years, the neighbors should be spanked hard for being accomplices. If 10 or older, why the arrest? I suspect many of y’all have been left alone at that age. The real crime is no food or running water or electricity.

  4. Sedition says:

    And this shit happened relatively right around the corner from me.

  5. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    She needs to be locked up in a cell with no food, running water, or bedding, for about 10 days.

  6. Yinzer says:

    Gee, sound like babysitting for my older sister when I was 9! The crap they got away with back then would have them locked up today.

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