Ballsy, ain’t he?

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10 Responses to Ballsy, ain’t he?

  1. Tsquared says:

    He’s wanting to know what happened to his brother…

  2. Elmo says:

    That little piggy went to market.

  3. Wayne Watson says:

    ‘It may be wrong, but it looks soooooo good!’

  4. snuffy says:

    Dutch butcher shop. Lots of meat pics on FB.

  5. Phil B says:

    it’s Corona Virus, not swine flu so he’s relaxed about breaking the curfew.

  6. joe says:

    If a pig eats bacon, is that cannibalism?

  7. Bear says:

    “Goodbye, Bob. ‘Twas nice knowing you.”

  8. Phssthpok says:

    ‘Ballsy’ indeed.

    The sign say ‘Pulled Pork’…he’s trying to decide if the legendary 30min pig orgasm is worth the risk.

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