Don’t they know fake flower arrangements are essential?

Despite state-issued stay-at-home orders intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Hobby Lobby has remained open in several states, pushing some officials to issue cease-and-desist letters ordering the stores to close.

The Oklahoma-based company originally complied with state orders that non-essential businesses close, but later decided to make the case that it sells essential products, CBS News reported.

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  1. Walt says:

    I’m not sure I disagree with Hobby Lobby. Keeping the economy going is also important. Is it -essential-? No. But if they want to maintain business hours with mitigation to protect customers and staff from the virus, that should be their call. Not some governor’s.

  2. the other other Andrew says:

    Yeah, let’s shut down a place that has a huge fabric and sewing section. And has items to relieve the stress of being cooped up.

    Friggin brilliant.

  3. Professor hale says:

    Old fat women need to stock up on their supplies. They know this is coming.

  4. Butch says:

    EVERY BUSINESS in AMERICA is essential. If it wasn’t, it would have been closed a long time ago.

    Any business owner needs to tell TPTB to fuck off. If you have a business it IS essential. Fuck the globalist commies! They want to render this country into a lost world like Argentina, where nothing works right and 90% of the population lives off of what government gives them.

    People need to begin to stand up and tell the government to shove IT.

    If you need proof that this is all Bull Shit, do some fucking research! Geez! LOOK IT UP! The 2019 -2020 SEASONAL FLU season is almost over and the STATS are in. LOOK IT UP!!!

    The commie CDC keeps the numbers. Do you know that maybe 62,000 people could die from the SEASONAL FLU??? that’s what their computer models say. And who gives a shit about those numbers? No one!

    Come on People. This is all a horrible hoax played on YOU to shut YOUR economy DOWN the TOILET. And even the repubs are falling for the party line.

    Me and wife go where we want, shop all over, don’t wear nose filters. We will use wipes just to make sure baby shit isn’t on the handle of the grocery carts, but we haven’t seen many babies lately. That’s a good thing.

    FUCK The Powers That Be

    • The Original Annie says:

      YOU need to do YOUR research. The CDC pads the “flu death” numbers by adding in all of the pneumonia deaths which are much higher than the actual flu deaths so this virus has already killed more people in the US than all the influenza viruses put together this year and it’s just getting started while they’re winding down. This pandemic is also still increasing at an exponential rate with over 1300 deaths in the US just yesterday and the daily number will keep increasing. Compare that to a normal rate of just over 8000 deaths per day in the US from ALL causes. Are you going to wait until this virus is killing more people each day in the US than all other causes combined to take it seriously? Wait a week. You want to put yourself at risk by not taking common sense precautions that’s one thing. But a large percentage of people who get this virus have no symptoms so if you’re not taking precautions you could be spreading it to anyone you come in contact with or who comes in contact with anything you were within 20 feet of because the virus lives on surfaces for at least hours if not days. Are you willing to risk your parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, acquaintances, and all of their parents, etc. and all of their parents, etc., etc. just because you have a normalcy bias and don’t want to see what is in front of your nose? Over the course of March the number of confirmed cases in the US went from 6 to over 200,000 because of people like you. By the end of April we can expect over 20,000,000 confirmed cases in the US because of people like you if they can ramp up the testing. Otherwise we’ll still have the same number of cases, they just won’t be counted. But the deaths will be. Watch the exponential increase in the daily death numbers. That’s where the proof of how bad this is will be seen.

      YES we need to figure out a way to get the nation back to work before the economy totally collapses. But that must include an INCREASE in safety measures including social distancing AND sanitizing AND wearing masks or it will fail miserably.

      • B.S. in V. C. says:

        Don’t ever trust the government. The only thing they seek is absolute control by any means necessary.

  5. The Original Annie says:

    Good place to go to buy the components to make face masks and potentially other PPE, but it’s not essential? SMH

  6. Bobo the Hobo says:

    The destruction of our economy is beyond insane. Hobby Lobby has a right to maintain limited hours and anyone who wishes to work or shop there should be aware of the risks.


    A fat old woman who needs certain sewing supplies in order to make masks for people too scared to walk outside without one

  7. wayne says:

    Our guv just shut down Florida except for essential business. I guess they think Lotto is essential since they sell them in grocery and gas outlets – but isn’t it still an unnecessary face-to-face transaction? That’s one of the many things that indicate to me its a power grab by government more than safety of voters. Social distancing is 6 feeet – BUT if you are boating, the boats must maintain a social distance of 50 feet. They have warned us that the marinas will be shut down if that distance is not kept! ALL business is essential if you rely on it for your livelihood!

  8. Ryan says:

    This virus is so bad, that Congress is going on vacation until the 20th.

    • The Original Annie says:

      This virus is just getting started. Look up exponential growth. It is likely that by the 20th things will be so bad that Congress will not start up again or maybe they’ll work out a way to work from home. They’re afraid and just want to be hunkered down at home instead of stuck in Washington for the duration of this, however long it will be.

      • Mac says:

        Do your self a favour Jurn is a search engine for free scientific papers, read those rather than overblown hyperbole from scientifically illiterate media.

  9. MarkP says:

    Butch and Annie both correct, sort of. The globalists who want to destroy our economy want everyone to fixate on the numbers. Yes, the number of cases WILL grow exponentially over the next two weeks. Yes, we WILL see about 100,000 deaths by the end of May. Focus just on that an you are a compliant sheep. What they are not telling you is that these numbers will be the same whether we lock everyone down or not. Because quarantine does not stop the spread of a highly contagious viruses. It will only stop when the communal immunity is high enough that there is not enough ‘fresh meat’ for the virus to infect. The lockdown only extends the time it takes for everyone who is going to get it to get it – and it deepens the collapse of the economy. Preventing the ‘failure of the health care’ system is mostly a myth. The vast majority of people under 50 who get this disease will require no hospitalization whatsoever. So the correct mitigation strategy would be to allow people under 50 to live normal lives, building up the herd immunity, while strongly recommending a quarantining only to the people who are most vulnerable. If you believe that you are are ‘staying home to save grandma’ you have been sorely misled. Sadly,100,000 grandmas are going die in the US in the next six weeks regardless.

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