Funeral Homes Forced To Make Tough Choices Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

MODESTO (CBS 13) — The coronavirus outbreak is forcing funeral homes to make tough changes that make it hard for families to mourn their loved ones.

CBS13 has heard from families all over Northern California who aren’t allowed to say a final goodbye inside a funeral home. It’s heartbreaking, but funeral home staff are on the front lines and need protection.

“It’s really a heart-wrenching challenge never ever faced before,” said Jon Salas, the owner of Salas Brothers Funeral Chapel in Modesto.


Salas Brothers is the funeral home that my family’s always used. I bet they’ve buried a couple dozen of my relatives including my father and grandparents and they’ll be the ones to bury my mother.

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3 Responses to Funeral Homes Forced To Make Tough Choices Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

  1. Shell says:

    Pope Dickson & Son was the go-to for my father’s side of the family and just about everyone I knew in my hometown for most of my life. Then Pope died and Son (Ab, pronounced “abe”) ran the place into bankruptcy. I’m 400 miles away from that hometown and don’t give a damn who does the honors when I kick the bucket as long as my Infantry Blue cord goes in the box with me. I damned well earned it and did damned well in the doing, so it goes with me.

  2. Lame-R says:

    I’ll be danged, seeing Salas’ name here and you even using his family’s services! We go way back. He’d love your blog; I gotta let him know he made the honor roll.

    • Wirecutter says:

      They’re good people, fair, honest and respectful. If I was still back there and making pre-burial arrangements, that would be the funeral home I’d choose.
      I used to live at 238 Kimble, about 3 blocks north of them, close enough to where I could walk to a funeral.

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