How a Police State is Born

The United States and much of the western world, by utilizing the most draconian of tactics, is plunging many nations into potential economic and societal chaos as they attempt to stem the tide of the Chinese Coronavirus. Relying on dubious and error-prone projections, politicians and bureaucrats constitutionally or statutorily limited in their power, are now exercising near-dictatorial authority in their edicts, which are effectively suspending or terminating numerous freedoms under the guise of protecting their respective nations.

All Americans, not be just those with first-hand experience dealing with World War II and its aftermath or living in Eastern Europe under iron boot of the Soviet Union or escaping the Communist/socialist hellholes of Cuba, Southeast Asia or Venezuela, should view these actions with considerable trepidation.

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  1. Nemo says:

    “potential economic and societal chaos” Potential?

    26 states have issued quarantine orders. The President on 31-MAR asked everyone, across the country, stay home for the entire month of April after having already been subject to as much as two weeks of quarantine already. A couple of states have extended their quarantine to end of May. Effectively, the states on both coasts, from the Caribbean/Mexico border to the Canadian border are locked down and have been for 2-3 weeks depending on the state. The quarantine extends west from the Atlantic to the Mississippi in some areas. These states/areas are the engines of the American economy.

    All of these people are not going to be able to pay their rent or mortgages. Businesses will not be able to pay their business loans and/or building mortgages. No one is buying cars or new/existing homes.

    No one is talking about the effect all of these quarantines will have on the banks. The banking industry faces a tsunami of defaults that will kill them and all of their depositors. There isn’t enough money in the UNIVERSE to bail out this puppy without Weimer/Zimbabwe style inflation.

    Old folks with savings accounts and IRA’s will be wiped out and have to go back to work to survive, myself included, IF they can find a job.

    That $2Trillion gift from CONgress last week or whenever it was signed? Pisshole in the snow. Anyone that thinks $1200.00 is going to do them anything but delaying the pain by a week or two is delusional, just like CONgress.

    $1200.00 won’t make a monthly payment on most mortgages.

    Pelosi is already talking about another bailout bill. When that one’s done, we’ll be going to the grocery store with a wheelbarrow full of near worthless greenbacks.

    When the dindu’s figure out that their monthly EBT tranche doesn’t buy one week’s worth of rent and one day’s worth of food, that’s when the fun begins.

  2. Bobo the Hobo says:

    Our governor just put all of Florida on 30-day mandatory lockdown. I am so thoroughly pissed off

  3. capt fast says:

    civil disobedience. seventy million United States Citizens should all go to the range at the same time and all fire a round at the same GMT for local noon so it would be heard everywhere in the halls of our government. as an attention getter if nothing else

    • warhorse says:

      I want to have everyone park at a local restaurant, skipping a space between each car. then we set up table and chairs in the open spot, and order food “to go”…”to go” out to the parking lot.

      we eat, we clean up after ourselves, and leave a good tip. repeat every saturday night at another local owned diner.

      what are they gonna do, arrest us all…for eating in the parking lot? with people we rode in the same car with so the whole “social distancing” thing is kinda moot?

      we all could stand to get out, the diner could use the money, and it’s a big middle finger to the people who think they can control us.

  4. Biblicalviolence says:

    The police state was born when individual states acquiesced to the federal constitution. Proof was the war of northern agression. Evidently though, what some folk can’t, don’t or refuse to realize is just how bad this SARS bug really is. Think less “aww it’s just another bad flu” and perhaps more along the lines of a biological weapon of mass destruction produced by in part with stereotypical subpar Chinese quality. Now, I can’t stand fed/state gov’t let alone its draconian heavy handedness and I’m very, very, rarely in any sort of concurrence with it yet the most logical way of avoidance in regards to the spread of this ChiCom crap is for people to stay away from each other. Shelter In Place. Hearing stories daily from those who gain first hand experience of how infected patients are struggling, some crashing and most that go on the vent won’t ever wake up again, domestic gov’t isn’t #1 on the priority list at the moment.
    We’re in a massive grey area, filled not with any one right answer but courses of action that are shades between bad and worse. The ChiComs want overt domestic action/civil war here; easier to come and pick up the pieces in viral aftermath.

  5. )@luis says:

    we fucked.

  6. Georgiaboy61 says:

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin, 1775

    “A government big-enough to give you everything you want is powerful-enough to take everything you have.” – Ronald Reagan

    The present “crisis” was inevitable sooner or later given the feminization of American society and much of the West besides, which has been going over the last fifty years. By definition, the nanny state – a government whose foremost concern is “safety” – cannot safeguard our liberties.

    In seeking an unobtainable “complete safety,” we are trading away our liberties. We are making ourselves no safer, but much less free.

    Life is a contact sport, and none of us gets out of it alive. Risk is the spice of life, and a life of complete safety is not only stultifying in its confinement and boredom, but utterly bereft of discovery, invention, accomplishment, and daring. The things which not only make life worth living, but which – when properly sublimated to good ends – advance civilization. Man walked on the moon a half century ago, but the intrepid crew of Apollo Eleven would not have gotten there without being willing to accept the risks which accompanied that mission.

    Any government which promises it can keep you safe is not only lying, but intent upon stealing your liberties and/or the contents of your wallet or purse.

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