Like manna from Heaven

Toilet paper was left scattered across a North Texas highway early Wednesday morning after an 18-wheeler driver fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed, authorities say.


When I was a kid we were traveling across the States to Dad’s new duty station when a semi with a stake bed trailer hauling cases of beer went out of control and went over on its side, scattering its load everywhere.
Immediate traffic jam – not from the truck blocking the road, it was in the median – but from all the vehicles behind it because all the drivers were jumping out and loading up on free beer.

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4 Responses to Like manna from Heaven

  1. Whynot says:

    Except that is also caught fire……

  2. John in Philly says:

    Maybe as far back as the late fifties or early sixties a boxcar full of beer derailed and tipped over in Southwest Philly, the neighborhood rushed to assist in clearing the tracks.
    My Dad delighted in telling the story.

  3. Gregg says:

    “Loading up” is an odd way to spell “Stealing”.

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