Locked that bitch up, huh?

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I got slapped once while driving behind a semi. A 3ft chunk of blown retread doing about 65 gets your attention alright.

    • the other Rick says:

      There I was driving along the 4 lane without a care in the world. A beautiful sunny day, top down, on my way to see my sweetheart. Just as I’m passing the tagwheel of a semi a cannon goes off not three feet from my ears.

      then FWAP FWAP FWAP as the torn tread was destroying itself.
      then another BOOM.

      Before I could brake away from the truck, the inside tire on the axle also exploded. Later I found a nice chunk of tread in the backseat.

    • the other Rick says:

      There was also the time while driving along the single lane with a 50 foot grass median between opposite traffic. Just then a 3 foot long black shape came rushing at me. It skidded off the hood, smashed into the top of the windshield and flew over the top. The windshield was nearly collapsed in on me so I stopped.

      I went looking for what hit my truck. All I found was a thick tread about the size and shape and color of what I saw. The crazy part was the only traffic was one Redi-Mix 10 yard concrete truck on the other side of the median and a couple of cars on my side but about 1/2 mile or more in front of me.

    • tallow pot says:

      My Stepdaughter’s Mustang was totaled by a piece of tread that came across the median from the opposing traffic.

  2. Dwan Seicheine says:

    My grampa had something similar happen and it haunted him the rest of his life.
    Why? Because a vw bug drifted directly into his 18 wheeler Peterbuilt logging truck when he was fully loaded. Directly at him.
    He had no time to do anything and he went directly over the bug and squashed it flat.
    One of the people lived for a few minutes, mostly crushed and he held her hand as she died.
    He told me about it…and started crying. A 70 yr old man crying. A big man. A gruff man.

  3. enn ess says:

    With over 3.5 million in commercial trucks I’ve seen plenty of these situations, 98 % unpredictable or preventable.
    Stopped at a restaurant on old 2 lane country rd at 6:AM one snowy winter day, mirrors iced over and covered with crap you couldn’t see anything, and low and behold the left rear trailer dual was completely gone, as in no where to be found and nothing felt that it had happened. Axle stump blue from heat and bent upward like a banana.
    Right front dual on the boogy air axle on 4 axle heavy haul trk. came off the hub, passed on the right, across in front, across the median over incoming 4 lane traffic and disappeared on the woods never to be found again.
    Watched a single from an oncoming dump trk. come off, across the median, and lodge in the top of a trk. camper…
    Bearings fail, wheel studs break, suspension comes apart….. Shit happens…… Don’t B a lert/statistic – Stay alert!!

  4. enn ess says:

    PS: The pic ain’t from locking up the brakes, it’s from dragging the wheel with a froze up brake drum that wouldn’t release and driver not paying attention. Yeah, been there done that got that t-shirt. Damn I hate winters…..

  5. LargeMarge says:

    A 22.5 blew on West 6th and Blair in Eugene Oregon at 30mph.
    On that corner, I was inside the Quickie© mart with music and folks talking.
    Your ‘sounds like a cannon going off’ is accurate.

  6. John in SD says:

    We call them gators around here. As soon as it warms up it’s gator season. I have told my family that you do not linger passing a truck. Just get around them. It looks like somebody lost their air Line to that break canister and didn’t get stopped in time.

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