AUBURN (CBS13) — Three people were arrested in Auburn over the weekend after a baby was taken to the hospital for a possible drug overdose.

According to Auburn Police, a seven-month-old baby was taken to the hospital by its grandmother on Saturday “after the infant was described as behaving abnormally.” Officers were called to Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital after a report that the infant had possibly overdosed after being exposed to illicit drugs.


Even when I was into the drugs, I was shocked at how many people would not only do that shit right in front of their kids but would also leave it laying around unattended where it was accessible to them.

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2 Responses to Scumbags

  1. the other other Andrew says:

    Back when I worked at the local cop shop, it was not uncommon to find people of a certain persuasion posting on Facebook videos of pot and crack smoke filled rooms, with small children tottering in and out of the walls of smoke, while the ‘parents’ are heard laughing.

    Fucking bastards and bitches.

  2. Dwan Seicheine says:

    and their kids would inevitably end up as druggies, thieve and prison bait.

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