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  1. nonncom says:

    I worked on the runways of military bases from 1962 to the present day…..I never get tired of seeing these flybys and speed runs, though they don’t occur as much today as they did in the 50’s and 60’s…..I remember as a boy standing on the runway with my Dad at Eglin AFB in 1955 when we were just starting to break the sound barrier regularly….Ft. Walton Beach was known as the “Home of the Sonic Boom”….soon after, breaking the sound barrier over land was frowned upon, and then banned, a development that rendered the Concorde useless beyond over water flights….Does anybody know if the Navy still has what they used to call “Oil Burner Routes”?……when Cecil Field, outside of Jacksonville, was still active you’d see the occasional A-7 or F-14, later F-18’s, barreling along at tree top level bust across Highway 301 or I-10 so fast it would startle you….the neat thing about a jet is you never hear ’em coming ’til they’re past you when they are at near full throttle….

    • Wirecutter says:

      I remember back in the mid-60s when my father was in Vietnam but we were still allowed to live in quarters on Ft Lewis, sonic booms from fighter jets taking off from McChord AFB on patrol were a regular occurrence, 3-4 times a day, to the point that we didn’t even notice them anymore. My grandparents came up to visit us once and every time a fighter would light one off, they’d duck and we’d look at them saying “What?”
      Kind of like living near railroad tracks, after a while you don’t hear the trains at all.

      • Steve S. says:

        Lived in K-Town when stationed at Sembach. The fighters from Ramstein would light off on an irregular basis, right over K-Town.
        My Mom came to visit, and she couldn’t understand us not getting excited or even noticing.

    • kidme37 says:

      Back in the early 60’s, Delta Darts would fly out of Pittsburgh International and break the barrier and break windows in our house. Really PO’d my Dad. I think they were testing the public’s acceptance of super sonic flight. Didn’t go over well.

  2. SgtBob says:

    In attack mode, some of those are flying faster than in the video. Soldiers on the ground are supposed to identify enemy from friendly and engage with small arms. Just put up a bunch of bullets and hope something hits something else.

  3. LGC says:

    hear that?

    Know what that is?


    GenX knows what i”m talking about.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      Too bad most of those planes were ChiCom or Russkies, so, no, dangit, not enough of the sound of freedom.

  4. Dave R. says:

    Check out the Mach loop and the Skywalker canyon videos on YouTube. They’re great.

  5. lynn says:

    The carrier shot reminded me of an “airshow” off Cuba for visiting group. We had F4’s then and they really shook up the place. Did sonic boom that hit the ship. The visitors about shit themselves.
    Also reminded me of time driving across Neb and a B52 came low across the highway. Awesome!

  6. Capt. Craig says:

    I had a base commander call me into his office and he said ” If I ever have to look down as you go past again I will have your ass now get out of here.”

  7. Joe says:

    A few years ago we were heading out to an old town site somewhat south of Rye Patch NV.. We had two come up behind us at a damn high rate. Don’t know what the were, all I could see was the nozzle. We figured they were practicing radar evasion from NAS Fallon. We did get a wing wave though.

  8. Sedition says:

    Was that a fuckin’ Vulcan at :35? I haven’t seen one of those in ages.

  9. jack says:

    Had a pair of jets from Luke AFB fly over our house in Glendale low and fast on their way to a Veterans day parade in Phoenix.. Went by so fast that when I first heard them and jumped to the window it was too late to see what model they were.
    When my family was on a fishing trip near Gila Bend AZ. I heard a rumble starting up and looked the wrong way expecting to see a jet moving away. Wrong! A B-52 came skimming along, nape of the earth, and slowly flew by. I watched that monster heading west until it got close to the barrier mountains down Yuma way when the exhaust smoke got very dark as the pilot shoved the throttles forward to get enough altitude to go over them. The then smoke lightened and he dipped out of sight on the other side. Quite a sight.

  10. Roger.45 says:

    Number 5 wins the Chromium-vanadium Testicle award in this video. Six inches lower and he would have been a decal on the tarmac.

  11. CCW says:

    My favorite low pass with a propeller.

  12. SgtBob says:

    When I was 5 and 6 in NE Texas, B-36s flew out of Carswell in Fort Worth, probably 200 miles west. You can hear a B-36 at altitude a looonng way away. Ten years later, it was B-52s at low level and a couple of times a B-58. Neither made any noise until right on top of us, but when the noise came, it was a lot louder than a B-36. At Nha Trang in early 1967, two F-100s, loaded, flew over, looked like 100 feet, headed to VC contact a couple of fast minutes away. Also loud. One of those things people would pay money to see.

  13. Kafiroon says:

    Many years ago when they still flew, was way out on Lake Michigan in the Mac Race when I saw a black smoke smudge on the horizon. Told the crew to cover their ears of which they did Not do and started hassling me why. Too late I said. A pair of B-58 Hustlers screamed very low over us.
    Neat and beautiful.

  14. Heltau says:

    One of my most favorite planes is the B-58 Hustler along with the SR-71. That last plane in the video was very, very low.
    You all out there have a wonderful week and weekend.

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