Sunday Video 4

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3 Responses to Sunday Video 4

  1. Leverage says:

    Glad to know they have the time to put together the nifty little blue anodized shovel before starting to pull the bitch out. Jesus you have to wonder sometimes about the calm Nordic response.

  2. Aggie says:

    A Brit bailing out a Frenchman, situation normal. I didn’t see any jumps before his landing zone though, so I wonder how Pierre got himself in that predicament? And the snow is freshly laid and undisturbed aside from tracks, so…no avalanche. No skis, either. I guess Pierre must’ve heard there was something female down there somewhere.

  3. MMinLamesa says:

    He face planted? That’s it?? Lord if you have over 1/2 your body out, just fookin’ pull yourself out. I’ve gone out of bounds and done so much back country boarding that if you don’t fall in 10′ of powder, you’ve had a so so day. Been up to my chin with a damn snow board attached to my feet, talk about cursing.

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