Walmart to limit customers in stores

(Gray News) – Retail giant Walmart is the latest to announce new restrictions inside its stores to help promote social distancing and limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The company said it will allow no more than five customers per 1,000 square feet at a given time starting Saturday. This is roughly 20 percent its normal capacity.

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16 Responses to Walmart to limit customers in stores

  1. Henk says:

    Five customers per 1000 square feet.
    So a 100,000 square foot store gets 500 customers, all gathered in the TP section and brawling.
    Can we get that on video?

  2. unclezip says:

    I went yesterday morning, waiting ’till the new 7AM opening, and before I got out of the truck there was a line of nearly 50 behind the yellow tape. Flipped them off, yelled “welcome to Venezuela!” and left. I do’t do queues or bread lines. Besides – all I really needed was Coffee Mate goo so’s the Baroness can flavor it with coffee.

    • Gator says:

      Mine allows 350. If you sit in your car for a few minutes, at least by me, you can get in without waiting in line. It seems to come in waves. When I pulled up there were about 15 people lined up, so I sat there for a few minutes and started walking when there was only one person left, by the time I got to the entrance I was able to walk right in. When I left there were about 20 people in line again. I’ve been delivering groceries from there through an app sometimes for extra money, so I see that line a lot. If you sit in the car a little bit and watch, you can do your waiting from the comfort of your car rather than a line of strangers.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    What no more cage fights in the food section?

  4. Nemo says:

    The grocery chain where I shop has instituted the same plan. In addition, they’ve instituted one way aisles and tape on the floor at the checkout lanes to control separation AND you have to wait to be called forward by the cashier. The wait to be called forward is so that they can disinfect the belt before the next customer.

    • the other other Andrew says:

      Interestingly, the old Patrick Air Force Base commissary was like that. So small and jammed, all the front-to-back rows were one way only. Checkout line started in the frozen food section and you waited for the ‘Line Boss’ to send you to an open register. They replaced it with a new super-commissary without line control, and chaos ensued.

      More stores should encourage this.

    • Mike_C says:

      “disinfect the belt”

      Yeah. Disinfect.

      The local Market Basket (New England chain) is limited to 175 customers at a time. Outside they have upended carts (trolleys as they say in Bawstun speak) every 6 feet to show you where to stand. A cop stands at the curb by the entrance to enforce order. Welcome to The New Normal. (Now improved over our post-911 Patriot Act and TSA-ridden Old New Normal. /spit)

      MB is infamous for hiring Squatemalans and people from the sub-continent (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis) to work there. But I got an actual American black woman as my cashier, and an elderly white guy (central European) as the bagger. Cashier “cleaned” the belt by dabbing at it with some messy white bundle that, hand-to-Jesus, looked like a disposable diaper. She was definitely a slow-moving, low bandwidth person (though maybe just very tired, to be fair). The bagger on the other hand, seemed like someone who had had some position of actual responsibility in a challenging job back home. Chicago used to be like that – you’d find out that the elderly Polish night watchman was a professor of physics, or chemistry, or some actual hard science back home.

      Toilet paper all gone. Lysol and similar (liquid and wipes) all gone. Interestingly the mouthwash section had one shelf empty, but others fully stocked. The empty one? Listerine (hint, the label says “antiseptic” on it — SMDH).

      I had a good time seeing who was buying low-fat/low-cholesterol, etc. If we are all going to die from China Flu, is the chance of heart disease 10 years down the road really a problem? Fuck, if this is the disaster that some people have been trying to sell us, we should be doing shooting up random drugs and eating out crack whores since we’re all gonna die in weeks anyway.

      • Padawan says:

        This is why Warhorse and I shop at Hannaford’s. About the only thing they’ve done (besides limit things like toilet paper, paper towels, butter, bottled water, etc.) is put round stickers on the floor at the registers dictating where one can stand. As far as I’ve heard from friends Shaw’s is doing the same as Hannaford’s too.

  5. Coyote Hubbard says:

    For most stores, the limits will be about the average load at any given store during normal hours anyway. Prolly your peak times where there is a slowdown for those to go in will be the stores usual peak time like after work folks shopping before heading home.

    Dont think that those of us that work at Walmart enjoy this.

    Especially me. I worked my way up to a nice job position from a regular “Associate” to a corporate side of the company position. Spent a week in training for it to get ready for my first project come that next Monday, but thursday all of us on the newly minted team got a conference call, and all our teams special projects are put on hold till at least June.

    So, we are now assigned to the store closest to our residences, so theres 13 of us spread all over the Western Washington area and basically getting paid very well to only do what we were doing before. All of us on the team are chomping at the bit to do what we are being paid to do, but till this crap is over, were in limbo.

    I knew something had to go pear shaped because my last day on a stores payroll and last day of work was on Friday the 13th, and I started my new position officially on the 15th – “Beware the Ides of March”, as was said in Shakespeares “Julius Caesar”… 8-P

  6. Tom MacGyver says:

    I forayed into Wally World last week. If there was ever a screen door on the quarantine submarine, Wally World is it! There were groups of people gathered in the aisles, blocking those aisles, and socializing more than shopping. “Excuse me” and “Con Permiso” had no effect on the logjams. They just kept on gabbing. I left my cart where it was and left the place. I won’t be going back to Wally World until this stupidity ends…

  7. Onehalfmvsquared says:

    I just came back from a Walmart. Nobody in line, few people in store. I needed tomatoes – there were plenty of fresh veggies available. Beer shelves were pretty empty, plenty of wine though. Didn’t need TP and didn’t look.

    This will all pass soon (I hope!)

  8. Fred Z says:

    If the gigantic slow moving commercial Whale-Mart is doing this, it’s over, they’re always late to market on everything.

    • John Deaux says:

      Here in my area the local government is putting rules into effect, ; wally world, lowe’s and home depot along with whatever is still open has to abide by the same rules.

  9. t says:

    They are supposed to be encouraging people to go in singly, rather than a family clump.

    Nothing peeves me more than a gaggle of people blocking the aisles and chatting for hours.

    My sister-in-law is from a Latin-American country. And it takes her 3-4 hours to get 10 items from the store because it’s a social event.

    Me? I can fill a cart full of a month’s groceries in 20 minutes.

  10. Paraclete says:

    Lowes and HD are doing the same…
    SC has issued orders that only a couple
    of folks are allowed for every 1000 sq. ft.
    Also, stay at home or work only orders are
    now in effect…naturally one is allowed to
    go for food or meds.

  11. Heathen says:

    Here in Ohio each store can decide the total amount of customers to admit at one time.

    Drove past our Wal*Mart today after picking up a prescription refill at the local health center pharmacy. Yep, only one way in or out other entry blocked off. Yellow tape designating a line for entry.

    Having satisfied my curiosity over this latest cluster fuck mandated by Governor Dee Whine… I went to the local Save A Lot and noticed they posted a sign stating the total number of customers allowed was 100.

    In all the years they’ve been open, I’ve never seen 100 people in the store at one time . Easy decision, I’ll get most of what I need from them. Let Wal*Mart do kabuki theater.

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