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Did someone actually buy one of Sammy’s $108 garrotes?

It’s one thing to report on how dangerous Seattle’s Pioneer Square has become for first responders. It’s another to be attacked while producing the story. That’s what happened to KIRO 7’s Gary Horcher. He was conducting interviews along Second Avenue, … Continue reading

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A garrote? Damn those jedburgers…..

A woman who protested a controversial lecture that took place at Queen’s University on Monday is facing numerous charges from Kingston Police. Jordan Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor, stopped at Queen’s as part of a tour to support … Continue reading

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A 19-year-old college student was arrested after entering Trump Tower with weapons and fireworks, police sources said Tuesday. Alexander Wang was busted after strolling into the heavily guarded building at 721 Fifth Ave. at about 6:35 p.m Monday, the sources … Continue reading

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It’s been a year now since I publicly broke ties with Kerodin and I figured a Year In Review post might be fun. Because Sammy’s such a serious fuck-up this post is long with a lot of links to illustrate … Continue reading

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Sammy porn

He’s gotta get a nut somehow.

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Rothco makes magazines?

Tested to 20,000 rounds? Those must be the strongest fucking springs and bodies in the world!!! Sammy needs to sell them to Brownell’s – but only if they come with a free garrote. And who in the fuck wants a lanyard on … Continue reading

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And yet III Arms Idaho has yet to produce a single gun

Jobs related to the manufacturing and sale of guns increased 73% since 2008 to a nationwide total of 287,986, the National Shooting Sports Foundation revealed. “These are good jobs, paying an average of $50,180 in wages and benefits, and today … Continue reading

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Didn’t Sammy allegedly enlist to be a Cav scout?

Seems like a I have a screen shot of that somewhere. Of course he’s such a lying motherfucker (Courtland Grojean, the citadel, III Arms – the one that produces guns, not fucking garrotes or other fantasy bullshit – the dojo … Continue reading

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“Lots of blood….. which I personally prefer”

A couple of hours ago I started getting fucking blasted with emails, all of them along the same lines – “Seriously?” and “Can you believe this silly son of a bitch?” Yup, Kerodin again. I had to go see for … Continue reading

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The Badassness that is Kerodin

I’ve read these at the time they came out and they raised an eyebrow then, but when you see a bunch of them in one spot you really realize how full of himself he is. And this is coming from … Continue reading

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