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One of my purposes when I decided to start running ads was to give exposure to small Patriot owned businesses on tight budgets. Everybody knows during these times it’s hard to start or run a small business.
I’m also very aware that many of these money making ventures are done on the side. The man or woman is working 40+ hours a week (if they’re lucky) then coming home and pouring their hearts and souls into a side business, trying to realize a dream or maybe just trying to keep the lights and gas on.
Some folks have never really considered advertising because they were afraid of the costs. Hell, up until this point I wasn’t really sure what I should charge. I received a link from somebody that’s been a huge help that listed a formula based on readership. According to that, I could conceivably charge $400 per month per ad. Only problem with that is, I don’t think any of the Patriot business owners that visit my site could afford $400 per month. And I damned sure can’t guarantee them that their sales will increase by at least $400 a month to pay for the ad.
By keeping my rates low and terms easy, I can provide exposure to businesses that need it while still being compensated for the work keeping this site going for your enjoyment. I’ll never be able to make a living doing this, but at least I’ll be able to buy some damned ammo.

I do reserve the right to refuse any ad requests. I will not provide ad space to liberals, racists or for anything of a sexual nature.
Ads are on a month to month basis. No written contracts, everything agreed upon by email will be considered binding. You may end our agreement at any time. I will not terminate your ad for any reason without making a good faith effort to resolve any problems we may have.
That’s about it. Easy, ain’t I?

For businesses with 5 employees or less
Rates are $50.00 per month for a sidebar ad. You supply the graphics for the ad and information about your business – specialties, website link, etc. so I can do a post when the ad goes up drawing attention to it and explaining a little about it.
If you’re a sole operator and can’t afford 50 bucks a month, we can work something out.

For businesses with 6 to 20 employees
$100 per month for a sidebar ad and post, you supply the graphics and information about your business for a blog post when the ad goes live.

Pay for 5 months up front and receive a free month. Ten months, receive 2 free months.

I’m also open to bartering. If you’re selling something I might want need or gotta have, talk to me about it.

Payment can be made in cash, check, money order or paypal. Major credit cards are accepted through paypal. Payment is due on the day of the month your ad started running.
I will not bill you. It’s your responsibility to remember to send payment.
I’m very easy to work with. If you can’t make your payment for whatever reason but would like to keep your ad up until you can, just contact me.

I average about 30,000 hits per day and last month’s (October 2016) total hits were just over 1000,000.
Up-to-date stats from WordPress are available to you upon request.

Feel free to contact anybody already advertising on my site. Those that are using the services are evidently happy, they’re still here.

Kenny (Wirecutter) Lane

For more information contact me.