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Goodnight, y’all

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Publix caves to that little prick David Hogg

As one of the most admired companies in Florida, Publix supermarkets had a unique opportunity to set a courageous example instead of capitulating to the David Hogg social media mob. It was a test that will have far-reaching implications and … Continue reading

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Well, he’s fucked

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Damn, I’d hate to have to keep her in alcohol

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Let’s roll with Bob Seger tonight

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I’m guessing they’ve both had a lot of practice with this

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You can almost hear the smile on my face

This was from about 10-12 years ago up in the Sierras. Me and Pops were spending the day up there doing some well deserved fucking off so we decided to shoot some 41. He got his cell phone out and … Continue reading

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Sgt MacKenzie

Original Scottish Version Lay me doon in the caul caul groon Whaur afore monie mair huv gaun Lay me doon in the caul caul groon Whaur afore monie mair huv gaun When they come a wull staun ma groon Staun … Continue reading

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The Conspiracy Against Reading

In his 1984 book about American education, Samuel Blumenfeld pointed out that “[n]othing has mystified Americans more than the massive decline of literacy in the United States. Children spend more time at school and the government spends more money on … Continue reading

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Gun Confiscation Measure Slogs Along In Oregon

Initiative Petition #43 is slowly making its way through the ballot measure process in Oregon. After a massive response of challenges to the “draft ballot title” were submitted a couple of weeks ago, the state “attorney general” has now issued … Continue reading

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You just can’t fucking please them

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Assault rifle-style crossbows??? WTF???

Deadly assault rifle-style crossbows are available on high streets and online without any need for a licence or background checks. Today the Daily Express launches a crusade calling on the Government to crack down on the sale of the potentially … Continue reading

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If that happens, it’ll fold within a year

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Attorney General Maura Healey (D-MA) that she would like to be CEO of Facebook, while receiving the Radcliffe Award at Harvard on Friday. “If you could be a CEO of any company right now, … Continue reading

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Luis’ first coloring book

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Beginner’s Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising chickens can be many things: therapeutic, rewarding, fun and for beginners maybe a bit nerve wracking! There is literally tons of information about raising chicks and chickens and it is hard to sort through it all to determine what … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson vs MS-13 lawyer

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson got into a heated debate Thursday with New York’s first undocumented attorney after he claimed “MS-13 is a product of the U.S.” MORE/VIDEO

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Live fast, die young

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For all you Urban Cowboys out there

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Looks like one of them Chihuahua/Wolf hybrids to me

Was it a wolf, some type of hybrid, or a creature that hasn’t been seen in Montana since the Ice Age? On May 16 a lone wolf-like animal was shot and killed on a ranch outside Denton. With long grayish … Continue reading

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Guest Post by T. Wrangler

A while back, Kenny posted a hickok45 video comparing handgun ammo: And his more recent post on “mouse guns” got me thinking about carry guns. I spent some time collecting thoughts to present here. Selecting a Defensive Sidearm  Part 1 Standard duty/service sidearms at one … Continue reading

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