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Found the vegan!

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Wait….. what?

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That’s some White Trash shit right there

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Spot the skank

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Road hogs

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Old Skool

I’m diggin’ the little windshield for her.

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“Oh, kiss my ass”

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Oh yeah, big improvement

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Nice ass

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And I’ll leave you wi….. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

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Courtesy of a graveyard near you

Democrats hold a massive voter lead in states that require party registration, a gap of 12 million that could be key to whether the party takes control of the House and Senate in the fall midterm congressional elections, according to … Continue reading

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And for your Friday Evening Florida News:

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – A Miami Beach man upset with his Jewish neighbors after he was evicted from his condo reportedly vowed to burn down the building with “all the f***ing Jews.” “We do believe that we were minutes away … Continue reading

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Fucked around and found out – both of them

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Future PsychoChick for sure

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An Evening with Liberace

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. Here’s The Allman Brothers Band. Enjoy.

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I wonder how many they have crammed into that trailer? -Mike

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It seems like damned near every relationship I’ve been in, the woman felt like I could be improved on. I never could understand that shit – you got together because you like each other, but after you get together you … Continue reading

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More from Thunder Ranch

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