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Good Morning

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Guess the Race

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania mom faces criminal charges for allegedly driving with her son on the hood of her car after the boy refused to go to the dentist. Police in Bethlehem Township say the incident began last … Continue reading

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Nuke ’em

U.S.A. –( Representative Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) is no friend of law-abiding gun owners. That much was pretty clear when he announced that he favored an Australia-style “buyback” of certain semi-automatic rifles. Well, on November 16, he went a bit further. … Continue reading

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Even nuns gotta get their freak on

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What the fuck…

A Texas man is facing child abandonment charges after his 6-year-old daughter apparently killed her little brother with a seat belt while they sat unattended in a vehicle. Adrian Dreshaun Middleton, 26, faces a charge of abandoning a child after … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t be too hard to find

Authorities are searching for a man who burst into flames while trying to siphon gas from a U-Haul and then fled from the fiery scene in Southeast Portland on Monday morning. MORE/VIDEO -Don in Oregon

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Dad’s excited

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That’s some bad mojo right there

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Stanley has fulfilled his life’s dream

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Maybe if your ass wasn’t flatter than mine

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Got guns?

Fairfax, VA – -( With anti-gun Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives come January, now is the time to prepare for a new onslaught on the Second Amendment. Emboldened by the mere thought of controlling the lower … Continue reading

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I laughed

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Your Afternoon Florida Report

A Polk County woman brought a small clear plastic bag to her doctor’s office and asked for it to be tested because she was “scared” what smoking it was doing to her and wanted the doctor to “check her well-being,” … Continue reading

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I don’t think she gets the whole ‘bag lunch’ concept

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“Lord, why have you forsaken us?”

Facebook and Instagram have both been hit by severe outages. Users on both popular platforms have been left unable to load the sites and hundreds of people are unable to access their accounts. The global outage has affected users in … Continue reading

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Tuesday gifdump

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Never really thought about it, to be honest with you

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In smoldering wildfire ruins, life goes on for a hardy few

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — Brad Weldon lost his home to fire when he was a kid, so when a deadly wildland blaze came roaring toward his ranch house in the pines where he lives with his 89-year-old blind mother, he … Continue reading

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Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban

HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on Nov. 9 that said anyone who crossed the southern border between official … Continue reading

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Well, that’s Angel for ya

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