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Don’t worry, Primo’s got you covered

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A dangerous form of marijuana is flooding across the Arizona border and quickly spreading across the U.S. It’s called “crude oil,” a highly potent, concentrated form of liquid marijuana that’s used for vaping or edibles. It’s something … Continue reading

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Anti-inflammatory drugs slow healing, if taken at wrong time of day

A growing body of research is beginning to suggest non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may slow wound healing and bone repair, particularly following some surgical procedures. New research now reveals our natural circadian clocks play a major role in wound healing, … Continue reading

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The shit I post on Facebook

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Something good from Stockton? Seriously?

Diane Wright opened the door of an apartment at The Oaks at Inglewood, the assisted care facility in Stockton where she is the executive director. Inside, three people busily went through postal trays crammed with envelopes near a table heaped … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday!!!

WASHINGTON, D. C. — -( On January 26, 1945, Lieutenant General George S. Patton, Jr. uttered the famous phrase, “In my opinion, the M-1 Rifle is the greatest battle implement ever devised.” Well, actually, he didn’t say it – he … Continue reading

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Monday gifdump

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A trip to remember

A 23-year-old tourist tumbled onto PATH tracks in Manhattan and was run over by a train, ultimately losing both her legs — but miraculously survived thanks to her bright pink top, her family said. Visaya Hoffie of Brisbane, Australia, tripped … Continue reading

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Whoops, my bad


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Red Flag Bills submitted in Tennessee

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Dude, what the…..???

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Your Monday Morning Florida Report

NAPLES, Fla. (WBBH/CNN) – Neighbors are shaking their heads after a beautiful home in the Il Regalo community turned into a multicolored mess. The transformation took place over the course of a few days. “I can’t believe it. I absolutely … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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Father of the Year

A New York Police Department officer and his fiancee left the officer’s 8-year-old son in a garage overnight in freezing temperatures and then did nothing to help him as he died of hypothermia, prosecutors said Friday. MORE

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Oh, I bet he gets all the ladies

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Damn, talk about being caught red-handed

Prosecutors say a New Jersey woman was digging a grave for her dead wife when police arrived at their home. A jury in Mount Holly heard opening statements Thursday on charges against Laura Bluestein in the 2017 death of her … Continue reading

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Why would they have a cutting board in the bathroom?

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Maybe they should lock their car doors, hmmm?

TULSA, Okla. (KOKI)- Authorities in Tulsa say a man is in custody after allegedly stealing a police officer’s weapon from a patrol car. Investigators say Tulsa police officers were patrolling near 51st and Memorial when they spotted a man rummaging … Continue reading

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Party on

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Sunday Video 10

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Sunday Video 9

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