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Federal lawsuit dismissed in the murder of LaVoy Finnicum

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal lawsuit related to the shooting of rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum has been dismissed. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports the civil suit was filed in U.S. District Court of Oregon by Ryan Payne, Shawna Cox and … Continue reading

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Must’ve been a slow news day for them

The far-left New York Times required two reporters and around 1200 words to explore the horrors of the shame women feel about defecating on the job. Which can only mean one thing… What we have here is yet another example … Continue reading

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4 kids, 2 cats and 2 dogs? Good luck with that.

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Party on, Abner and Amos, party on

Deputies in Ohio pulled over an Amish horse-drawn buggy complete with a stereo system and carrying alcohol, according to reports. According to WKBN, Trumbull County sheriff’s deputies pulled over the buggy around 1 a.m. Sunday morning when they saw two … Continue reading

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The History of Fort Huachuca, Arizona

A product of the Indian Wars of the 1870s and 1880s, Fort Huachuca, Arizona was established in March 1877, at the base of the Huachuca Mountains. The name “Huachuca” comes from an obscure local American Indian language which, when loosely … Continue reading

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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When youthful ambition overtakes common sense

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Blaming the gun…

Houston police chief Art Acevedo pushed gun control after one of his officers got into a physical struggle with a criminal and was shot with his own gun. The Associated Press reports the 29-year-old officer, a five-year veteran of the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, somewhere in Flyover Country…

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Lone Star Agenda Advocates Ask Abbott for Special Session

A dozen grassroots organizations delivered a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott Thursday asking for a special session to pass the “Lone Star Agenda,” a package of conservative reforms intended to unite voters ahead of the upcoming elections. “In the face … Continue reading

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San Francisco?

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Game theory and guns: why universal background checks are a debate — and how to solve it

If you follow gun stuff, you’ve been hearing a lot about universal background checks. So let’s get the lay of the land. This article is especially for people who are roughly aware of the issue but don’t know the details … Continue reading

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Had a good time last night, I see

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Sure, blame racism

Don’t drink the water in Newark. The only thing worse than the crime and corruption in the New Jersey city that gave the nation Cory Booker is its drinking water. First, they found lead in the water in schools and … Continue reading

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When your ex is reincarnated as a bird…

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Thursday gifdump

1) 2) 3)

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Boys will be boys

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Apparently didn’t get enough attention as a child

Police said Friday a business owner and former NFL player allegedly staged a burglary in a restaurant he owned and vandalized the building, possibly trying to make it look like a hate crime. Edawn Coughman, 31, of Buford owns multiple … Continue reading

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Almost killed by a can of jizz

Heated bull semen launched dangerous projectiles in every direction during an early morning inferno that caused firefighters to take cover at an Australian cattle-breeding facility Tuesday. “The liquid inside the cylinders was rapidly expanding and essentially the lids of the … Continue reading

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Face it – you’re both shameless sluts

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