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Irish – The Early Years

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Talk about a blow out…

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Fucking Florida, man…..

Hermine Ricketts and her husband Tom Carroll may grow fruit trees and flowers in the front yard of their Miami Shores house. They may park a boat or jet ski in their driveway. They may place statues, fountains, gnomes, pink … Continue reading

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Yeah, I can’t stand John Denver either

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. — A complaint over noise provoked a 59-year-old Arkansas man to shoot a fellow boarding house resident 22 times, according to an affidavit filed earlier this week in the murder case. Robert Penny of rural Mountain Home … Continue reading

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That’ll teach him to interfere

DERBY, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut police say a man threw another man 45 feet off a bridge because he intervened in an argument between the suspect and his girlfriend. Shelton police charged Gregory Rottjer with attempted murder in connection with … Continue reading

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Balls, blind or stupid?

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San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is a goner

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, who became the city’s first Asian-American mayor when he was named to serve out the remainder of Gavin Newsom’s term in Jan. 2011, died suddenly early Tuesday morning, city officials … Continue reading

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Oh well, it’s the thought that counts

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Somebody’s getting drug tested today

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A blast from the past

Ripples has been sharing the letters to Santas from kids all across America at the beginning of the last century. A wagon and a goat to pull it was a common request, while some asked for a stove or a … Continue reading

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Trolling for some BBC?

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They’re just pissed because it wasn’t a RACcoon

From the Black website The Root: This man was basically Jesus saving the bunny from eternal damnation. And when you see a video of Jesus snatching a bunny from the devil’s grasp, the least you could do is share it … Continue reading

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Florida’s Professional Victims are at it again

TALLAHASSEE – Support is building across Florida for a stronger law banning texting while driving, but some black legislators say they’ll fight the idea, claiming that it could invite more abuses by police. MORE

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The Pilgrim

-Kenny the Scot

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Lisa buys these

And I gotta tell you, being the Chief Dishwasher in the Lane household, they work pretty damned good. They knock off the stuck-on shit out of the pans and they hold up fairly well.

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For my California readers

California’s more than 6 million gun owners are going to see new restrictions in 2018 stemming from sweeping regulations lawmakers and voters have approved over the past two years. But due to pending court challenges, shifting deadlines and contradictions in … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from North Korea!

North Korea appears to be pressing ahead with its nuclear programme. Satellite images recently detected hectic activity at the North Korean nuclear test site, Punggye-ri. Experts say that after North Korea’s last nuclear test, minor tremors were detected near Mt … Continue reading

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Pressing issues

On Monday, Americans awoke to news of an attempted terrorist attack in New York City. Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured in the attack, which was believed to be a failed suicide bombing carried out by someone inspired by ISIS. But … Continue reading

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“But CCW permit holders don’t stop crime…”

The concealed carry permit holder who shot one of two alleged carjackers on Saturday said the wounded suspect “should learn his lesson.” The incident occurred in New Orleans, Louisiana. MORE -John Deaux

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Is a Bundy mistrial in the works?

A Nevada federal judge raised the possibility of a mistrial Monday in the 2014 standoff at the Bundy ranch, citing the failure of prosecutors to provide the defense in a timely fashion with a slew of documents. U.S. District Judge … Continue reading

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