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Man, I would LOVE to have this

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Have a good Monday, Luis

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Whatever works

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Unloader, not so much

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“Look! Somebody bought me a new chew toy!”

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True Love will never let you down

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Welcome to the South

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Love me some phoking pho

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I’m guessing somebody’s wife came home unexpectedly

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Gun-Control Fails in California..and We Lose

Sociologists and criminologists rendered their verdict. Gun-control in California doesn’t work. That should have been obvious in hindsight. Unfortunately, these failed laws will probably not be rescinded by lawmakers nor be overturned by judges. Since Californians won’t change things at … Continue reading

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At least she’s wearing a helmet

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Good Morning

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Damn, talk about a full curl

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And I’ll leave you with this:

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PsychoChicks – We’ve all had ’em

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Giving PETA a tast of their own medicine

Norfolk, VA – -( Animal liberation organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is getting a taste of its own medicine. Recently, PETA attempted to persuade the English village of Wool to change its name to “Vegan Wool.” … Continue reading

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“What? You’re back already?”

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A little Friday night entertainment


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Jerry Wept: A Compilation of Performances from the 1990’s

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I don’t know whether to smack the kid or the parents

My ex used to have a saying: “Smack the parents and the kid will straighten right up.” It was probably the most intelligent thing to ever come out of her mouth.

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