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Angel – The Early Years

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Angel? Is that you?

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Angel-proofed that sucker, huh?

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Why Angel got fired from the Suicide Hotline


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Betcha can’t do it again

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Morning, Angel

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Angel posted that she can’t ride a bike…..

She probably shouldn’t have done that. Photos from WiscoDave

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Mornin’, Angel

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Morning, Angel

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Morning, Angel

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Angel’s not going to let us live this down

It’s been a long, hard battle for redheads the world over. Now, after years of campaigning, ginger people could finally be getting their own emoji. Silicon Valley bosses are set to discuss introducing a ginger emoji into iPhone globally next … Continue reading

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Hey, Angel…

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Angel Dump

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No Angel, just no

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Angel sends

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Max doesn’t want to ride with Angel either

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Designed by Angel


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Oh hell yes!!!

I saw THIS and commented, 3 minutes later Angel planted the link in my inbox. I’m pretty sure it was pre-planned. As soon as the ground is thawed enough to install it, it’s at the entrance to my place. Does … Continue reading

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Riding with Angel

I will admit that when we stopped off in Texas on our move out here, I did ride with Angel. My whimpering, wailing and gnashing of teeth must’ve paid off, we arrived safely at our destination.

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