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Nothing like being accused of being a nazi by a Brown Shirt


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Round up the rest of the antifa group first, assholes

The New York Police Department announced that it has enough evidence to charge nine members of the right-wing group Proud Boys and three protestors with various counts of rioting, assault, and attempted assault in connection with a brawl that erupted … Continue reading

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Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Portland


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It never gets old

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Piece of shit Portland mayor stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic, hassle motorists

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler came under fire over a viral video showing Antifa protesters blocking traffic and harassing drivers, but he says he supports the decision by police to watch from a distance without getting involved. “I was appalled by … Continue reading

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Whoa. I’m all freaked out

The Metropolitan Republican Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side was vandalized Thursday night with broken windows, spray-painted anarchy signs, and a threatening message that the “attack is merely a beginning.” The building is the headquarters of the Manhattan Republican Party … Continue reading

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More fun and games in Portland Saturday

A demonstration billed as a march for “law and order” in the streets of Portland descended into chaos as rival political factions broke into bloody brawls downtown Saturday night. Members of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer and their black-clad adversaries, … Continue reading

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Yeah, we’re the ones committing terrorist acts, not antifa or Black Lives Matter or any other lefty group

A top spokesman for the Tennessee Democratic Party’s effort to get Phil Bredesen elected senator has said he views “white male” gun owners as “the biggest terrorist organization on the planet.” Mark Brown is communications director for Tennessee Victory 2018, … Continue reading

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Practice on yourselves

A popular Antifa website is promoting home abortion classes in order to “dismantle the white supremacist bio-medical patriarchy” in response to the swearing in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. MORE -WiscoDave

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Well, that answers that…

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Watch: “Street Anarchy” As Antifa Attacks Portland Drivers That Don’t Obey

Well-known conservative columnist and author Rod Dreher reacts to shocking video which emerged on Monday showing masked Antifa members taking over an entire busy intersection and claiming the authority to direct traffic in an American city. Notice that these thugs … Continue reading

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The unhinged left is planning violence against conservative members of congress, supreme court justices and their families

The hysterical, deceitful fake news reporting by the left-wing media is driving left-wing activists to violence and bloodshed. Never forget the rifle assault by a deranged leftist that targeted conservative U.S. lawmakers on a softball field, injuring Rep. Steve Scalise … Continue reading

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A one dollar fine and no jail time for assault

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – A Charlottesville jury is agreeing with a judge’s previous ruling, finding a man who punched the organizer of the Unite the Right rally last year guilty of assault and battery. Fifty-year-old Jeffrey Matthew Winder was found … Continue reading

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A purse, a couple of clubs, and a wannabe gangsta…

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So what are they waiting for?

The mainstream media completely failed to report on Antifa members in DC yesterday, some of whom went on to assault police officers, carrying a banner which openly advertised their intention to put bullets in their political enemies. Numerous video clips … Continue reading

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When the media’s darlings turn on them…

On the one-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville protests, white supremacists and radical leftists known as Antifa descended on the Virginia town once more to commit more violence. Late Saturday night, NBC News reporter Cal Perry and his crew were … Continue reading

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DC books a fight

Washington (AFP) – Washington authorities said they will ramp up the capital city’s emergency level when white nationalists and counterprotesters demonstrate Sunday at the same park outside the White House. The National Park Service said Wednesday it issued a permit … Continue reading

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Clanton gets 3 years….. probation

A former East Bay college philosophy professor who was charged with four counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon, causing great bodily injury, has taken a deal resulting in three years of probation for an attack at a Berkeley … Continue reading

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Keep it up, assholes

A new undercover video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas features Antifa “fight instructors” teaching activists how to incapacitate political enemies by violently attacking them. “If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it’s pretty much crippling them,” the Antifa … Continue reading

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This weekend, Portland is bracing for round two. Gibson, who is running as a Republican for a U.S. Senate seat from Washington, is planning to hold a “Freedom March” on Saturday at the city’s waterfront, the Portland Mercury reported. It’s … Continue reading

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