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You mean they’re treating them like Patriots?

Federal domestic terrorism investigators are probing “a number of” people animated by “kind of an Antifa ideology,” FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers Thursday. “We do have a very active domestic terrorism program,” Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee. … Continue reading

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Damn, Florida’s on a roll here

DeBARY — A DeBary man hoarding bomb-making materials hated the government and had planned to use a grenade in a booby trap to hurt first responders, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. Christopher S. Langer told his parents he put … Continue reading

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Antifa in a gun shop


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Watch yourselves and keep your cool

A new anti-fascist group plans a rally Saturday in downtown Portland – part of series scheduled in cities across the country – but the demonstrations have whipped up a heap of warnings by right-wing groups on social media that the … Continue reading

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The Coming Civil War: We Lose

As America’s Civil War is being re-litigated, do not the conditions for our next great struggle appear at hand? Father against son? Brother against brother? Right against left? The tension is palpable. The rhetoric, from both sides, is ratcheting up … Continue reading

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Nov. 4th – already blaming it on the Right

For anyone logging time on the far right corners of the internet, this coming Saturday is not just another autumn weekend but the potential start date of an apocalyptic showdown. Infowars has warned “Antifa Plans ‘Civil War’ to Overthrow the … Continue reading

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Tennessee LEO gears up

Law-enforcement officials in Tennessee are gearing up for two white nationalist rallies this Saturday, preparing expansive security measures and calling for community members to avoid the events by groups that marched in Charlottesville earlier this summer. “White Lives Matter” events … Continue reading

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Timing is everything

According to The National Association for Amateur Radio (ARRL), elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will simulate a “communications interoperability” training exercise across the United States on November 04-06. The announcement released on October 24 has not been … Continue reading

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Are you ready?

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November 4th

From A Freeman in the comments.

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Kids – all talk no action

A socialist student group at Iowa State University has repeatedly made threatening comments about conservatives on social media, but the school says the comments are protected speech. In one recent tweet, the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) chapter … Continue reading

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Dude gets it

He wanders a bit and is kinda hard to follow, but it’s worth watching. -John

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Ready… Set… GO!!!

Antifa vows to start a civil war on November 4th. They have stated this in public and across numerous forms of social media. This first from MORE/VIDEOS -Irish ***** Be sure to check out the video a little more than halfway … Continue reading

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And it starts before the blood is even dry

Congressional Democrats chose not to wait for all the facts to come in before immediately pushing for increased gun control measures following the Las Vegas shooting Sunday night that left 50 people dead and more than 400 injured. It’s not … Continue reading

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ISIS claims Vegas shooter is a recent convert

CAIRO, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas early on Monday, and said the attacker had converted to Islam a few months … Continue reading

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Antifa exposed

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Eric Clanton trial update

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This oughta be good

From Rick via the comments: Preliminary trial for Eric Clanton (bike lock antifa) is set for tomorrow Sept 28th. Witnesses will testify. Especially delicious is he’s singing like a songbird and antifa are in chaos as they try to develop … Continue reading

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Antifa’s civil war

Over the past few days I’ve gotten several emails concerning and have seen on a few sites news about an upcoming civil war that antifa is going to start on 4 November. Their supposed plan is to start shooting cops … Continue reading

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Fucking pussies

At UC Berkeley, 177 professors and graduate students have signed an open letter urging thousands of colleagues and classmates to boycott campus for four days this month to ensure their “physical and mental safety.” The strongly worded letter, titled “Boycott … Continue reading

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