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Berkeley Riots news

Hey, if you want the latest on the Berkeley riots, go to The Gateway Pundit – they’re all over it. Rurik sent me a bunch of links, but it’s such a great site I’ll just send you over there to … Continue reading

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Breaking – Antifa in Berkeley nuts up

Members of Antifa Berkeley haver turned violent — shocking, we know — with the black-clad protesters shouting, “This is for Charlottesville” as they take over Martin Luther King Jr. park. Police have reportedly retreated, at least for now: MORE -WiscoDave

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Set up

At least one law enforcement officer in Charlottesville, VA has come forward to clear his conscience and reveal the truth — or at least his version of it — that what went down in the city was not only condoned … Continue reading

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Pepper Balls arrested

Ain’t that a kick in the pants. A protester, seen on video kicking a can of tear gas away from himself after being hit in the groin with the projectile launched by the Phoenix Police Department, has been arrested on … Continue reading

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Back into the belly of the Beast

This September, controversial conservative speakers Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter will be coming to UC Berkeley as a part of the university’s “free speech week” honoring the 1964 free speech protests on campus. The pair, along with Steve Bannon, were … Continue reading

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So it’s YOUR fault!

(CNN) Blame President Trump for his tepid moral response. Call the neo-Nazis and white nationalists thugs. Fill your Facebook and Twitter accounts with moral outrage. But the tragedy that took place in Charlottesville this month could not have occurred without … Continue reading

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What an asinine statement

The Second Amendment Foundation is one of the most effective advocates for Second Amendment rights. They’ve won crucial Supreme Court and lower court battles bolstering the Second Amendment’s status as a fundamental individual right. They clearly believe that everyone has … Continue reading

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

Antifa is the gift that keeps on giving. I mean “gift” in a metaphorical sense. We recently told you about the “anti-fascist” goon who stabbed a Navy sailor after mistaking him for a Nazi. Well, I’ve got one for you … Continue reading

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Oh, fuck you

The United Nations Committee on the Eliminations of Racial Discrimination has called on high-level politicians and public officials of the United States to condemn “racist hate speech and crimes in Charlottesville and through the country”. Anastasia Crickley, Chairperson of UN … Continue reading

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Oh man, right in the nuts

In footage captured by Phoenix, AZ CBS affiliate KPHO, an apparent Antifa protester in the vicinity of the Phoenix Convention Center, the site of a rally hosted by President Donald Trump, was hit by a pepper ball. After kicking one … Continue reading

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Just wondering

Anybody got a starting time for the Phoenix riots tonight?

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No middle ground according to the Left

A Vermont man says he was stabbed outside his home by a group of five masked men armed with box cutters on Tuesday, after being labeled a “Nazi sympathizer” for denouncing attempts to ruin the life of a Unite the … Continue reading

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Apparently Moldylocks didn’t learn her lesson

Speaking to The New York Times, Antifa extremists made their intention to expand violence plain and clear. Their statements indicate that a spiraling cycle of violence between the far-left and the far-right will continue well into the future. One of … Continue reading

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So Right Wingers can start beating people with dreads?

This Colorado man is avowedly not a neo-Nazi. But he believes his long-on-top, buzzed-on-the-sides haircut got him mistaken for one — and nearly stabbed to death by a confused anti-fascist. Joshua Witt, 26, escaped his brush with hairdo-doom with a … Continue reading

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“We must destroy the village to save it”

While Antifa members don’t fit a single category, they say many are millennials and many live on society’s fringes: undocumented immigrants, transgender people, low-wage workers, those who don’t conform to the traditional 9-to-5. And their methods are often violent. Antifa … Continue reading

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Kids! Earn cash in your spare time!

-Miss A

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Boston rally ‘peaceful’ – so far

Tens of thousands of counter-demonstrators swamped the Common today in protest of a so-called “Boston Free Speech Rally” at the Parkman Bandstand. The massive counter-protest, which drew an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people to the Common, began this morning in … Continue reading

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A list of monuments recently vandalized or destroyed

(AP) – Confederate monuments are being removed around the country under pressure from those who say they honor a regime that enslaved African-Americans. The pace has increased, however, in the wake of last weekend’s deadly confrontation at a white nationalist … Continue reading

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Liberal heads spinning in 3… 2… 1…

President Trump went on a Thursday tweetstorm against the removal of Confederate statues across the country, saying the “history and culture” of the United States is “being ripped apart.”​ ​”Sad to see the history and culture of our great country … Continue reading

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Not even close

The campaign spokesman for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign compared allied forces during War World II to Antifa protesters Tuesday night. Brian Fallon, who served as Clinton’s spokesman during her failed 2016 campaign, tweeted out a picture … Continue reading

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