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Finally – a sport with practical applications

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

The moment a gigantic boar stands on his hind legs to chow down on garbage has been caught on camera — but it’s where the animal is doing it that’s causing concern. Shocked parents taking their kids to school in … Continue reading

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

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Good Morning

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Should’ve stuck with bacon

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Just so ya know

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Reminds me of CharlieGodammit

If he wanders out of sight, all I have to do is stand at the back door and holler “BACON” and that silly son of a bitch comes running. I swear, he keeps me broke buying him those Beggin Strips.

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Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time

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And for your morning Florida news…

A woman faces a battery charge after an argument with another woman over fresh bacon Thursday, according to a Collier County Sheriff’s Office report. Widna St. Jean, 24, was at the McDonald’s inside a BP gas station in Golden Gate … Continue reading

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Fucking amateurs

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Florida man loses bacon, gets 15 years

A man who vandalized a Central Florida mosque by smashing windows and lights with a machete and leaving bacon at the scene pleaded guilty to criminal mischief to a place of worship. The state attorney’s office serving Brevard and Seminole … Continue reading

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How to make a bacon wrapped turkey

As a person who doesn’t really love turkey and wishes we’d just trade the ol’ bird for a beef tenderloin or a honey ham, bacon-wrapped turkey was a bit of a surprise to me. Bacon-wrapped turkey is the turkey for … Continue reading

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You’d look much better with an apple in your mouth


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Wait… five POUNDS of bacon for a midnight snack?

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Awww, exercising next year’s bacon…

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Probably smacking his lips and shit, huh?

A 53-year-old Stockholm man was convicted by authorities for – literally – eating bacon in front of a few veiled Muslim women. The Islamic women reported him to the police for eating bacon in front of them. The man allegedly … Continue reading

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Young pigs that were saved from a fire in southwest England earlier this year have been served to their rescuers as sausages by the farmer who wanted to thank the firefighters for their efforts. The 18 piglets and two sows … Continue reading

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“Hi, my name is Kenny and…..”

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Thousands at risk in UK of pig virus from sausages

A leading British supermarket may unwittingly have infected thousands of people with a pig virus that causes liver cirrhosis and neurological damage, say researchers at Public Health England. Hepatitis E (HEV) is transmitted by sausages and pork products from Europe, … Continue reading

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