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Good Morning

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How to Make Your own Bacon

This article first appeared on . When I sat down to write this, I found myself questioning why I ever endeavored to make homemade bacon in the first place. But then I realized… duh, it’s bacon. My whole family … Continue reading

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God bless this child

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Good Morning

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Shove bacon in my face and you’ve got a friend for life

NOVEMBER 15–A McDonald’s cook tried to “shove hot crispy bacon” in the face of her manager during a confrontation Friday that resulted in an assault and battery charge being filed against the worker, according to a police report. Cops say … Continue reading

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WHAT???!!! FUCK YOU!!!

There are few things more tantalizing than the smell of bacon crackling away in a pan on a Saturday morning. Delicious as it is, bacon was thought to be one of the worst foods you could possibly eat during the … Continue reading

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Doritos flavored bacon…

Doritos, as it turns out, are more than just a junk food for teens with the munchies — they helped deputies in San Bernardino, California, lure a pig “the size of a mini horse” back home. MORE -nvguyusa

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Looks like Woody found my next vacation spot

Zingerman’s Camp Bacon® is a food lover’s camp. It is a food historian’s camp. It is a camp that fills your mind as much as your stomach. We love to taste the bacon and don’t get us wrong, you will … Continue reading

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When she’s really really sorry

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Bringing home the bacon

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For the bacon impaired

This is a repost from 10/09/2016 which was a repost from 2009. I’ve refined it a bit and added a few comments at the end. ***** I was on a site the other day reading an article and when I … Continue reading

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

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For my Australian readers – Kingaroy Bacon Fest

We want to capture Australia’s imagination by hosting a Festival that celebrates one of our nation’s favourite foods and highlights the importance of buying 100 percent Australian pork product. MORE -Ron

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The best part of waking up

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It’s true, there’s some stupid motherfuckers out there

-Angel, Michael

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Nice ass, soon to have a nice scar to go with it

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..


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Yet not a single fucking piece of bacon…

Oh wait, I forgot – Minnesota is loaded with muslims. My bad. No matter, it’s still a fucked up meal – way too healthy for my taste.

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Time to start selling guided pig hunts

SUTTER COUNTY — Lyndol Swartz says he has tried damn near everything. He’s put up electric fences and set traps. He’s even tried blasting music in the middle of the night and flashing red lights at sporadic intervals just to … Continue reading

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Farm girls…

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