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Time Life Civil War books

A couple weeks ago I remember getting a question either in the comments or email asking if my PO box accepted large packages and I replied yes, wondering if somebody was shipping me a body or what. Friday I checked … Continue reading

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Top 10

A list of the Top 10 snipers in Military history HERE. -smbabb1

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Dale from Ohio

Hey Brother, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you note (you didn’t include an email address) but I’ve been stacked up lately and will be through the weekend. You’ve carried on a family tradition in a very honorable … Continue reading

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This is a test, only a test. If this were a real emergency…

Can you identify the make and model of this vehicle? And if you can, what method did you use to come to your conclusion? Sorry for the size and quality of the photo, it’s what was sent to me and … Continue reading

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A heartfelt Thank You from Amy Dean

Regarding the gofundme donations for Amy, GamegetterII’s daughter. Kenny & CA, I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude in words for your help & support. You sharing the gofundme has helped my family and myself … Continue reading

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Old timey radio

Got her running now, thanks. It appears that damned near everybody is smarter than I am. I’ll get this computering shit down someday.

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I’m scratching my head, I can’t figure it out

B writes: Dunno what is wrong…for the past few days I can’t comment on your site. When I enter the comment it is ok, then my email. name and website. Then it fails and wants me to enter a website … Continue reading

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PO Box added and my hometown

After several emails from folks wanting to donate money to me but don’t do paypal, I finally broke down and got a PO box today. Believe me, I don’t want to hold you up if you insist on sending me … Continue reading

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I’ll catch up on posting a little later today. Go have another Bloody Mary and check back around noon.

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Once again I compelled to chew some ass and explain some rules for ignorant motherfuckers that take advantage of my gentle nature and calm demeanor. Now I know and understand that most of my readers are respectful and calm when … Continue reading

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If I don’t get at least a half dozen comments a day referring to a previous comment they made saying “Should’ve been xxxxx”, I’ll kiss your ass. Yes, I correct the comments for them.

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A helping hand if you can

From Leaperman: A friend of ours has passed away. Tom Kratman alerted us about it. What makes it especially bad is that his wife passed away a few days earlier, leaving their disabled daughter behind. Ken, I know you don’t … Continue reading

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Reminder – Free Shipping Ends, and New Items added – from Maingun LLC

From Doc and Terri at Maingun: We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our success this past year is due in no small part to you, our customers. Just a short reminder that our FREE … Continue reading

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Do my readers rock or what???

I had updated a plug-in this morning which caused my site to crash and when I say crash, I meant it went down in flames. I couldn’t access the blog (neither could you) but I also couldn’t access my dashboard … Continue reading

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I’m taking a break tonight and not scheduling any posts for Saturday. What the fuck, everybody needs a night off to kick their feet towards the fire and do the FTW thing. I may catch up towards the afternoon, check … Continue reading

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Gold Fever

I first got into gold prospecting and mining back in the mid 1980s. I got into it mostly because I was in the area doing historical research anyways and started carrying around a gold pan and like most people did, … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol

I got an email from a friend asking if I’d publicize some art that his brother produced and after I read how it was done and what was involved, I just had to. Read the email below and check out … Continue reading

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Another 1,000,000 hit month

Once again, I went over a million hits for the second time and second month in a row as of 6:49 tonight. I didn’t think I was going to make it this month for the simple reason that I barely … Continue reading

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Here ya go, man

Doubting Thomas called bullshit on my Million Hit Month post that I did a couple days ago. Here’s a screenshot of my stats page so I can shove it down his throat.

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One Million Hits in one month. Yup, we did it.

Read this post HERE (opens in a separate tab) before you go any further. The next day, the very next day, I hit a new daily high with 42,608 views. That then put me into a new weekly high with 256,632 … Continue reading

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