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Good Morning, Everybody

Just wanted to let you know you’ll get a full compliment of posts tomorrow. We’re forecast for heavy thunderstorms again today and I doubt I’ll be getting much done outside, so I’ll schedule some posts today after I get done … Continue reading

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Light posting for the next 4-5 days

So it got a little windy here Friday night….. I checked the weather forecast about 4 Friday afternoon and it said there was a 50% chance of isolated thunderstorms, but Woody (who lives 12 miles NW of me) shot me … Continue reading

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Sunday postings

Folks, I’ve got some things going on today and tomorrow, so I’m not going to be posting anything Sunday. I’ll be back Monday, although that might just be the photo posts that you normally get on Sundays. Also, there will … Continue reading

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Ooops, I did it again

You’re diggin’ that cutesy shit, huh? Sorry folks, I was out of town Thursday and Friday, then Saturday morning something unexpected popped up that I couldn’t put off. Nothing major, but it needed to be taken care of right away. … Continue reading

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Monday’s posts

Monday’s posting will be light because… well, Easter.

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A note from Padawan:

From her email, reprinted with her permission. Hi Ken. Warhorse and I have both recieved private emails from a couple followers questioning my absence from the site and if I’m alright. I haven’t been online much (nor have I sent … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again

Once again folks, I’d like to point out that ‘Donate’ button in my sidebar. I’ve always said that this blog is a labor of love, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s also a colossal pain in the … Continue reading

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‘Dark day for internet freedom’: EU lawmakers approve controversial copyright reform

The European Parliament has voted to adopt the highly controversial Article 13 provision which would govern the production and distribution of content online under the auspices of increasing copyright protections. Tuesday’s move will update the EU’s 20-year-old copyright rules and … Continue reading

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Keeping the Art of Knot Tying Alive

AS NEW TECHNOLOGIES REVOLUTIONIZE AND streamline our lives, more and more traditional crafts are falling by the wayside or becoming the domain of hobbyists. Among those that were once ubiquitous, but are becoming more obscure is the art of knot … Continue reading

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We all make mistakes, right?

I do occasionally – and this is one of those occasions. I was scheduling Sunday’s posts Friday and fucked up the dates, scheduling them for Saturday instead. And seeing as we’ve got the grandkid over this weekend and I have … Continue reading

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Well, shit…

Sorry folks, no posts for Sunday. I had some things come up before I could get them scheduled. See you Monday.

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Merry Christmas

I want to take a quick moment to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. There’s so much to say on this day, yet I can’t find the words for my thoughts. God Bless all of you.

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Holiday posting

Postings will be lighter than usual next week with the holidays. I’m going to seriously try to get at least your picture posts up but I can’t guarantee much else on Christmas and the day after – I do most … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving week posting

Posting is going to be a little off this week due to that racist/Nationalist/repressive holiday, Thanksgiving. You can blame the Pilgrims for that shit. I pre-schedule 99% of my posts a day ahead of when they actually appear. On Thursday … Continue reading

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Watch that counter

If my cipherin’ skills are up to speed, I should roll over for 100 million hits sometime late tonight or tomorrow morning sometime. 100,000,000… holy shit.

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Combat Devotions

A couple weeks back I received in the mail a copy of a book called “Combat Devotions”. I took my time going through it, actually thinking about what I was reading and thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was done I … Continue reading

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My bad

Folks, I got an email last night with a link saying the 82nd had been ordered to the border. I copied and pasted the first couple paragraphs, scheduled it for early this morning, then went and checked it out a … Continue reading

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A reader looking for clients

From a reader who lost his job and is looking to rebuild: I was wondering… could you possibly post that the owner of is trying to build an engineering consultancy based on plastic part design, material recommendations; I can … Continue reading

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Good, we all might some work around the house done

ICANN has scheduled the Root Zone Key Signing Key (KSK) Rollover for today, and it could affect some DNS users all over the world. * Due to the ongoing maintenance work, some internet users could face issues in accessing web pages or … Continue reading

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Happy Happy!

Today is my loving wife’s birthday. She’s blessed me many times over by being my wife and y’all have no idea how appreciative I am for being part of her life. Would you take a moment to wish her a … Continue reading

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