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Apparently the muslims have been checking me out

From my stats page:

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Commenting issues

It’s been brought to my attention over the past couple days that the “post comment” button is disappearing after y’all have typed out a lengthy comment. One gentleman forwarded his comment to me via email and I tried to post … Continue reading

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Thanks, Robert

I hope this site helps that OT pass just a little bit easier. PS – don’t get caught.

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Hey Everett

Could you please shoot me an email? I tried sending you one with the address supplied in the comments but it got kicked back.

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Getting my Thank Yous out

Thanks to both Tom and the Gentleman from MHS in Virginia for the donations I got in the mail today. It’s rare to get one but two in the same day? Holy shit….. Thank you both very much for not … Continue reading

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The internet guys are here

I’ll be down for a couple hours.

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Well hell…..

The internet folks still haven’t showed up and it’s after noon. I’m thinking it’s one of those “We’ll be there between 8 AM Tuesday and the 4th of July” now.

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The phone company guy that’s supposed to hook up the fiber optics (see my post yesterday) hasn’t showed up yet so I’ll continue to post and moderate until he does. It’s part of my morning routine anyway.

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Down time

Our local TV/internet/phone company is laying fiber optic cable to our house today and there will be no service for at least a few hours on Tuesday, maybe longer. Because of that I’m obviously not going to be able to … Continue reading

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Greg, I got your chicken card today and wanted to thank you very much for both it and the donation. Things are very tight financially for us this month so it was very much appreciated. I tried to find an … Continue reading

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This silly motherfucker has posted 21 comments (so far) defending the muslim terrorist that bombed that concert last night in Manchester HERE. Here’s his first one. Notice how he started out with a polite ‘Fuck you all’? It gets better … Continue reading

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When men get bored

That serial killer email post that I did had a comment regarding some spam busters and got me to thinking about one that I posted about on my old blog a little over 4 years ago. It was spread out … Continue reading

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Donations and gifts

This afternoon I received an email from a gentleman wondering if his gift of some reloading books, advice and a generous donation that was sent last week had gotten to me yet. I understand and appreciate his concern – if … Continue reading

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Mr Hawkins

Got your donation and great letter today and just want to say thank you very much but you didn’t include an email so I’m doing it this way. Many thanks, my friend. You have no idea how much your kind … Continue reading

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Time Life Civil War books

A couple weeks ago I remember getting a question either in the comments or email asking if my PO box accepted large packages and I replied yes, wondering if somebody was shipping me a body or what. Friday I checked … Continue reading

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Top 10

A list of the Top 10 snipers in Military history HERE. -smbabb1

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Dale from Ohio

Hey Brother, I’ve been meaning to send you a thank you note (you didn’t include an email address) but I’ve been stacked up lately and will be through the weekend. You’ve carried on a family tradition in a very honorable … Continue reading

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This is a test, only a test. If this were a real emergency…

Can you identify the make and model of this vehicle? And if you can, what method did you use to come to your conclusion? Sorry for the size and quality of the photo, it’s what was sent to me and … Continue reading

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A heartfelt Thank You from Amy Dean

Regarding the gofundme donations for Amy, GamegetterII’s daughter. Kenny & CA, I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude in words for your help & support. You sharing the gofundme has helped my family and myself … Continue reading

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Old timey radio

Got her running now, thanks. It appears that damned near everybody is smarter than I am. I’ll get this computering shit down someday.

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