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A commenting tip from Mike_C

If the “Post Comment” button disappears as you type your comment: TAB through to the Post Comment button. (If the email/Name, etc stuff disappears after you type the text of your comment, go to the end of the comment and … Continue reading

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From the comments: Hey Kenny, did you change the way your comment works? I kept getting I was too fast error messages and would not let me comment. Also, it seems wordpress or blogger doesn’t retain my name, pic and … Continue reading

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I hate to disappoint y’all but…..

I won’t be posting, moderating comments or checking my email on Sunday. I’ve got some things going on Saturday and Sunday and just don’t see how I’ll be able to find the time. I appreciate your patience. -Wirecutter

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I’ve gotten several emails from folks that’re getting a “You’re commenting too fast. Slow down” message when they attempt to comment. I don’t know what the fuck is causing it. WordPress is the platform that I use and it updated … Continue reading

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A word of warning

When I got up and began posting this morning’s news, I noticed that it was placing them in the line-up 5 hours and 40 minutes earlier than the time I was actually posting them. What the fuck? I checked my … Continue reading

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Because….. manners and shit

Concerning all the recent donations, I’ve gotten all my thank you cards done and should be in the mail tomorrow. If you sent one in via paypal and a valid email address was provided, I’ve thanked you that way, the … Continue reading

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The Holy Book Of Universal Truths, K. U. P.

In the fall of 2011 I read David P. Goldman’s provocative book, How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too). The premise behind the book is that because of falling birthrates, world population will reach its peak in the … Continue reading

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I know I told y’all postings would get back to normal after our house guest left, but something unexpected came up (actually came up while our company was still here) that demands my attention so it’ll probably be next week … Continue reading

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Postings – Just so you know

Postings will be light for the next few days, at least through Wednesday of next week. We have a guest who will be with us until Tuesday evening. I’ll try to get your picture posts up, but news items (except … Continue reading

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Sunday Postings

Posting is going to be light today as far as news and articles goes. It’s Easter and I’ve got places to go and things to do today. Your normal pictures every couple of hours will be posted as usual. Comments … Continue reading

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A Prayer Request

Kenny, A while ago I asked you to post a prayer request for my wife who was battling Cancer, well she lived a lot longer than they originally predicted but she passed away last night at 2035. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Fun and Games – by Wes

Fun and Games What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger The truth is childhood was comprised of a lot of hard, sometimes brutal, work but it wasn’t all work, there was fun in there too. A byproduct of moving all … Continue reading

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Green Grass Shower

Submitted by Wes Green Grass Shower And Other Things Animal Can, cans and more cans. We had quite the assembly line going, well actually it was a dis-assembly line. There must have been a thousand tin cans in the pile … Continue reading

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As long as I’m running an advice column…..

From the emails this morning: Greetings Knuckledragger I’m currently looking into the military, specifically the Coast Guard, Navy & Air Force. I was wondering if you have any friends in those branches either currently serving or recently retired from them. … Continue reading

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Could you please send me an email? I tried twice to send you one regarding your inquiry about commenting but it keeps getting kicked back to me. Email me at if you’d be so kind. Thank you, Sir.

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Kelly, thank you!

I got your gift of the sugar spoon this morning and Lisa and I both got a huge kick out of it. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

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A retraction

Last night I posted a link from Gateway Pundit where it said that the Florida shooter was a registered democrat. This morning TripSeven submitted a link in the comments from the same source that retracts that. Apparently the registered voter … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary, Sammy!!!

Well, it’s been 2 years since the judge issued his decision from when Nervous Holly & Li’l Sammy Kerodin took me to court for a restraining order and a $10,000 lawsuit because me, JC Dodge, WiscoDave, Jim Miller, Angel, and … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Bad_Brad

He was the 200,000th commenter on this blog (on this server) with his comment on this post:

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Links to articles

Starting today, instead of seeing MORE to continue reading an article, you’ll be seeing MORE@ with the source. It’s not necessarily a trigger warning because we’re all grown-ass adults here, but some of you may not want to patronize a … Continue reading

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