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Preppin In A Trailer Park

After a long vacation from blogging about prepping for working folks, she’s decided to come back to it. Good tips here – food storage, storage spaces and a recipe or two – written by a regular person, not somebody that … Continue reading

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I Was Born This Way

I was reading the Knuckledraggin’ blog, and Ken had a post up about yet another gender identification crisis. Reading the article I found myself becoming uncharacteristically introspective. MORE ***** Rock that shit, Tom!

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That could be the end of this blog

The European Union (EU) is less than a month away from voting to introduce aggressive new online copyright laws and “widespread censorship” measures, which critics say could strangle new media websites and stifle satire and online meme culture. Unelected European … Continue reading

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The Captain’s Journal – 12th Blogiversary

I’m sure you haven’t noticed, but I’ve been doing this for twelve years. Over the course of time I’ve transitioned from military blogging to guns and gun rights. This transition occurred quite a while back, but I know I’ve still … Continue reading

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Videos and thoughts about Tommy Robinson’s arrest

Please forgive that this is not quite as organized as I attempt to make most posts; I’m trying to bang this out to get it out ASAP. But some thoughts before I list the videos. I have communicated with a … Continue reading

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Is There a Solution to School Shootings?

Last week’s school shooting Santa Fe, which resulted in ten deaths, is only the latest in a series of school shootings over the last several years, and only three months after the infamous Parkland, Florida shooting on Valentine’s Day. As … Continue reading

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Introducing Miles Mathis – STM

It has been a busy year. We sold our place in Georgia, have been banging away at some short-fused client work, moved to Tennessee, and are in the middle of scouting the location for our new facilities. Been too busy … Continue reading

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Boilerdoc is back

Yes he is. -RW NSFW because he shows titties and shit. Luis, calm down, Bro. I SAID CALM THE FUCK DOWN, MAN!!!

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Fuck you, I don’t use Snopes

California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) has proposed a bill, the “Online False Information Act,” that would require anyone who posts news on the Internet to verify their information through “fact-checkers.” The bill, filed quietly in late February as … Continue reading

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Your Crazy Uncle Bubba

Does anybody know what happened to Your Crazy Uncle Bubba? His site’s disappeared and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails wondering why.

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In Honor Of Peter Wang

If you don’t know who Peter Wang is, let me educate you. Peter Wang was a 15-year-old young MAN who died in the recent Florida school shooting. Peter Wang was a proud member of the Army Junior Reserve Officer Training … Continue reading

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A letter to the boys & young men of America

The bodies aren’t even cold yet and already you are being blamed. Yes you. All of you. The boys and young men who will grow up to become one half of America’s future. Once again, due to society’s failure to … Continue reading

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Cowards and Losers: Name One, Forget the Other

This is an ugly article, but it has to be written. The news broke Thursday that a pathetic excuse for a man named Scot Peterson had a chance to intervene and try to save the lives of innocent teenagers in … Continue reading

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The Conservative Treehouse speaks up:

CTH has intentionally stayed away from discussion of the Parkland school shooting as we watched and reviewed the response. However, it’s time to call the Broward School Board officials to task and simultaneously prepare the class-action lawyers to cripple the … Continue reading

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A reader was asking about this article

“Seven”. The earpiece crackled in Jake’s ear from one of the handheld radios they were each tuned to. They’d picked up a couple of dozen surplused Motorola LE-only encrypted radios on eBay, and after a lot of work, Gene had … Continue reading

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Truth In Dark Times

During the dark times in your life you will find out who is really there for you, who loves you and who doesn’t. You will find out who will go to bat for you, and who likes you for what … Continue reading

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Of Patriots and Ethnic Nationalists

I have been a long time reader and occasional commentator on a wide variety of right-wing web sites since the mid 1990s. The first, and for a long time the largest right-wing forums were run for, and populated by. self-described … Continue reading

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Mojave Rat’s Tips For Living

Mojave Rat has fired up a new blog. You can find it HERE. The link in my sidebar has been updated as well.

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Hellhounds of Appalachia

In 1937, Robert Johnson recorded one of the most haunting blues songs of all time, “Hellhound on My Trail.” While experts debate the exact meaning of Johnson’s lyrics, the imagery is chilling. The first time I heard the song, I … Continue reading

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Pop Culture, Commercials, and White Guys

It isn’t difficult to find people complaining about how “people of color” are treated in America today. Turn on the TV, and you’ll see highly-paid NFL players lamenting this. White liberals are constantly bashing “whiteness”, and attending lectures and classes … Continue reading

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