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The collapse of America’s cities into Third World conditions

It’s infuriating to be living in the leading nation in the First World, the largest or second-largest economy in the world (depending on who’s measuring, and how), and the most powerful nation in the world, and yet see Third World … Continue reading

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Open Source Rocketry -STM

I recently stumbled across some fascinating videos by amateur rocketeer Joe Barnard, whose YouTube channel is chock full of interesting projects. Armed with a 3D printer, model rocket components and some fairly simple custom electronics, he has created some … Continue reading

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The Intrepid Report is back up and running

Casual Offensive Observations from a Old Soldier of Fortune who doesn’t give a fuck if you’re offended. Get over yourself. You aren’t that important and remember, no one gets out alive. CHECK IT OUT HERE

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After the Pussification

For those who’ve been living on another planet for the past two decades, I once wrote a screed called The Pussification Of The Western Male, which took about an hour to write and was a stream-of-consciousness rant against the demeaning … Continue reading

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Igniting Civil War

That’s the title of an article by Prof. Angelo Codevilla, whom we’ve met in these pages several times before. I’ve learned to respect his views very highly, because they’ve proven prescient over a long period. Here’s an excerpt. MORE -RDM73

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Characteristics of an Educated Man

The title is a bit of a misnomer, I know many people that have degrees but are educated beyond their ability to comprehend. I have a good friend named Shelldude that has a high school education but spends a lot … Continue reading

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Mike, from Braveheart Radio, dead at 56

MEADVILLE – Michael Eugene Wagner, 56 of Meadville, passed away, Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at U.P.M.C. Hamot surrounded by his family. He was born on April 3, 1963 in Redondo Beach, CA, son of the late Ralph Wagner, Jr. and … Continue reading

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A Nod To The Gods has returned

Folks, a bunch of you were worried about A Nod To The Gods when it went down a couple weeks ago. I’m proud to announce that it’s back up and running. Apparently it was hit by malware and the hosting … Continue reading

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Hickok45 cuts ties with the NRA

Corny gun-loving YouTuber Hickok45 and his son John recently announced their decision to part ways with the NRA. They’ll no longer accept sponsorship money from NRA, nor will they continue begging viewers to join NRA. From the video description: MORE/VIDEO

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I found a new (new to me, anyways) Conservative blog yesterday that I think y’all might enjoy – kinda quirky and humorous at the same time. Here’s a sample of the political satire you’ll find there: SACRAMENTO (AP) – After … Continue reading

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“This Ain’t Hell But I Can See It From Here” blog

The site’s been having domain issues but Rurik sent me a link where you can find it now. The link has also been updated in my blogroll.

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Dealing With Loss

I’ve avoided writing this post. I knew it would be painful, but I’ve just now been able to formulate what I wanted to say. At least, sort of. I need to say just enough, but I can’t say too much. … Continue reading

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Europe is splitting the internet into three

It’s strange to think about now, but until the 1920s, you didn’t generally need a passport to travel. A smart CEO I know recently mentioned this to me in the context of what’s happening to the internet. The idea of … Continue reading

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Me and Ray are famous!!!

From Ann Barnhardt: This comment showed up under a syndication of my “Hard Truths About Civilian Combat Tactics” piece. It is worth a reprint here. (Language and content warning on the linked blog. It is for rough-and-ready types.) HERE -WiscoDave

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Here’s a pretty good site for you

The Millennium Report I’ve also got the link in my sidebar. -DC

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The Digital First Amendment Enforcement Act

Whereas the First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of speech. Whereas the Internet has taken over from print and other traditional media in the distribution of speech, both on an individual, one-to-one basis and on a one-to-many basis. Whereas Internet distribution encompasses … Continue reading

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What Good Can A Handgun Do Against An Army?

Do you suppose this would look like great land armies getting into formation at the edges of great fields of battle and marching towards each other? What do you think such a messy civil war in America would look like? … Continue reading

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Yellow Vests and You – STM

The growing Yellow Vest (Gilets Jaunes) phenomenon in France is an important milestone in the evolution of resistance to the globalist self-selected elites. Unsurprisingly, the usual globalist suspects are using their power and influence to divert attention from this movement, … Continue reading

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Peter Grant lowers the prices on his sci-fi e-books

I’m trying a new approach to selling my books. At their former price level ($3.99 to $4.99 per book), sales had been slowing, largely due to the impact of the Kindle Unlimited subscription library on book sales (which has been … Continue reading

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Sarge from A Herd of Turtles has passed away -Eddie

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