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This hasn’t been news for years and years

JAMES SAT CAMPED outside the main branch of the Santa Monica Public Library on a recent sunny day, his meager belongings in a backpack, and explained how his bout of homelessness started: He fell off the roof of a three-story … Continue reading

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Making Do by wes

Making Do It was a hundred twelve degrees in the shade and there wasn’t any shade. There were yellow jackets though and they were aggressive. Dad and I were pawing through the local dump looking to scrounge up some sheet … Continue reading

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Passing It Down by wes

Passing It Down I came up on him without his being aware that I was there. I stood in the timber back of him watching. He was making rough going of dressing out the elk he had shot a while … Continue reading

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A Kid’s Life by wes

A Kids Life Over on the Wild Side Too many kids today, with their face stuck in a smartphone, don’t know what they are missing out on. Being a kid in the far back country, exploring places so remote you … Continue reading

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Fun and Games – by Wes

Fun and Games What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger The truth is childhood was comprised of a lot of hard, sometimes brutal, work but it wasn’t all work, there was fun in there too. A byproduct of moving all … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – by Wes

The Good The mare has been down for about forty minutes. We’ve been expecting this, just not today. A shudder goes through her and you can tell she is straining. There’s a young girl in the stall with us and … Continue reading

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Wes vents

Hi I’m Wes, what some call an old, white guy. Of the three genders – male, female and all fucked up, I identify as male. I’m wearing a ball cap, generic gray shirt, blue jeans and logging boots. My face … Continue reading

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