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San Francisco creates tranny safe space district

Honey Mahogany walked down 6th Street in San Francisco, pointing to single room occupancy hotels, the dance and performance space Counterpulse, and gay bars, OMG and Aunt Charlie’s Lounge. She passed by the Golden Gate Theatre where A Bronx Tale … Continue reading

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The Camp Fire ignition point investigation


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Final toll for the Camp Fire – 86 dead, 3 missing

The number of dead in the Camp Fire rose to 86 people after a man suffered burns in the massive blaze died. Larry Smith, 80, of Paradise suffered burns on Nov. 8 while trying to put out a fire that … Continue reading

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Next year’s blood will be on their hands

The Trump administration spent months very publicly lobbying Congress for more power to conduct logging projects on national forests, something President Donald Trump and leading cabinet officials argued would help combat the catastrophic wildfires that killed more than 80 people … Continue reading

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Damn, this reminds me of Modesto

Matter of fact, this looks pretty much like the alley behind my old house.

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Democrats push for Universal Background Checks

U.S.A. –-( House Democrats plan to push for universal background checks for all firearms transfers in the new session of Congress. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) will be introducing the bill in the upcoming year. If Thompson gets his way, all … Continue reading

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Gun-Control Fails in California..and We Lose

Sociologists and criminologists rendered their verdict. Gun-control in California doesn’t work. That should have been obvious in hindsight. Unfortunately, these failed laws will probably not be rescinded by lawmakers nor be overturned by judges. Since Californians won’t change things at … Continue reading

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Cop killed by ‘friendly’ fire at Borderline Bar shooting

THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) – Authorities reported Friday that the Ventura County Sheriff’s sergeant killed during the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill last month in Thousand Oaks was struck by friendly fire during a shootout with the gunman. … Continue reading

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The Day Mrs Gieszinger Flipped The Fuck Out

O say can you shear? A deranged teacher in a California public charter school cut a student’s hair while dramatically shouting the national anthem, shocking video shows. “What so proudly we hail!” an off-key and inaccurate Margaret Gieszinger, 52, belts … Continue reading

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What Socialists Really Want

This morning, I was browsing the usual suspects before heading out to work, and I came across an interesting article on [H]ardOCP, one of the tech sites I frequent. Silicon Valley is showing greater wealth inequality over time. Individual incomes … Continue reading

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As wildfires drive insurance premiums up, will homeowners be able to keep up?

At first, Lucy Reynolds was unnerved by the non-renewal notice from the insurance company two years ago. Mortgaged homes must have coverage so Reynolds and her husband needed to find a replacement, quick. She was turned down by her neighbor’s … Continue reading

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That was the best he could come up with?

A man with a burned nose and singed eyebrows is accused of setting the home where his ex-fiancee was living on fire, but he says it wasn’t arson, the Lincoln Police Department said, according to KLKN. Rather, 40-year-old Dennis Prokopec … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in California…

Stanford University told the Sigma Chi fraternity to remove its American flag to “improve” its image. An administrator reportedly told the fraternity that the flag could be seen as “intimidating, aggressive or alienating.” MORE

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Anti-Gun Researchers Undermine the Anti-Gun Narrative

Fairfax, VA – -( We have good news from a joint effort between the Violence Prevention Research Program at the UC Davis School of Medicine and the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins University. Comprehensive background … Continue reading

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Crooked cops? No way!

A Texas man is accusing several police officers in Northern California of stealing three pounds of legal marijuana from him during a traffic stop, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed earlier this month. And he’s not the only … Continue reading

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Oh, for Pete’s sake…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is assessing whether the state can take legal action over the Trump administration’s use of force against a caravan of migrants or a decision and future threats to shut the border with … Continue reading

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Should’ve bought them on the street like everybody else

A registered pharmacist was charged with second-degree robbery after he allegedly stole narcotics from a CVS pharmacy in Danville while brandishing a gun and wearing a blue surgical mask, officials said Thursday. Jonathan Szkotak was arrested April 3 after he … Continue reading

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Stephan Venard

Stephen Venard (1824-1891) – One of the most fearless lawmen during the California Goldrush, Venard began his life on a farm near Lebanon, Ohio in 1824. He received a good education as a child, attending Waynesville Academy and when he … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours

A new storm system is about to slam California with heavy rain and heavy snow. Numerous flash flood watches have been posted for burn scar areas in the northern part of the state all the way to just outside of … Continue reading

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Oughta work

Faculty members at Oakland University in suburban Detroit have received hockey pucks and are being trained to use them to potentially thwart active shooters. The American Association of University Professors distributed pucks to its 800 members this week, according to … Continue reading

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