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Something good from Stockton? Seriously?

Diane Wright opened the door of an apartment at The Oaks at Inglewood, the assisted care facility in Stockton where she is the executive director. Inside, three people busily went through postal trays crammed with envelopes near a table heaped … Continue reading

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Next up: Asswipe that’s not septic safe

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Wet wipes, those single-use wet tissues for babies and adults wanting something more than just toilet paper, are the scourge of sewer systems nationwide, according to several cities challenging claims that the products are safe to flush. … Continue reading

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It’s true, smoking is hazardous to your health

INDEPENDENCE, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky woman who was pouring gas into a child’s motorcycle while smoking a cigarette set herself on fire and was seriously burned. MORE

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California, baby

A West Hollywood man named Sexy Vegan who was arrested last year on suspicion of sexually assaulting his pit bull in a video posted to social media pleaded no contest Friday to a charge of disturbing the peace, prosecutors said. … Continue reading

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Gotta be California (again)

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Smoke two joints and call me in the morning

California is considering whether to label one of the United States’ most common drugs a carcinogen. A panel of scientists is examining evidence of whether acetaminophen can cause cancer. MORE

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Keeping it in the family

CERES (CBS13) — A Ceres man is facing charges of carjacking and grand theft auto after reportedly forcibly taking his mother’s car on Tuesday. Police said when the victim, a 63-year-old woman, returned to her home around 1 p.m. Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Dope fiends…..

HAYWARD (KRON) — California Highway Patrol officers from the Hayward area contacted an individual at the Hayward DMV office who was unknowingly attempting to register a stolen car he had purchased. After officers determined he had purchased the car without … Continue reading

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Former L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca Likely Headed to Prison After Supreme Court Declines to Review Case

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is likely headed to prison after the U.S. Supreme Court denied a last-ditch, long-shot request to review his case Monday. MORE

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Suspended with pay for something anybody else would be jailed for

A Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy is on paid leave after apparently leaving his badge and a loaded gun that were found by a child at a South Lake Tahoe rental home. MORE ***** Tahoe’s in Nevada, South Lake Tahoe’s … Continue reading

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Adding insult to injury

Federal officials are prepared to bill wildfire victims for a portion of nearly $4 billion the government says it’s owed by Pacific Gas & Electric — if the debt isn’t resolved as part of the utility’s bankruptcy case, the San … Continue reading

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No biggie, I’m betting there’s not a virgin above 14 years old in the entire State anyways

(KOVR/CNN/Meredith) — Lawmakers in California are moving to ban what many feel is an archaic and demeaning practice, virginity testing. The procedure is currently allowed if it’s performed by a doctor, but a proposed bill would ban it. Assemblywoman Lorena … Continue reading

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Is there ANYTHING California doesn’t want to ban or tax?

Days after concerns over youth vaping led the Trump administration to announce a partial ban on many e-cigarette pods, California lawmakers on Monday proposed a much stronger measure to outlaw store sales of all flavored tobacco products. MORE

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Goodbye, Faithful Old Friend

Two people described as suspects are in custody after the fatal shooting of a dog who was dumped in a gutter in an industrial area of La Mirada, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday. MORE ***** And naturally … Continue reading

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Easy solution: Stay out of California

Car thefts have become a part of life for out-of-state tourists in California because of a loophole in state law that leaves many break-ins unpunished. Law enforcement is stymied by a state law that says it only counts as a … Continue reading

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Californians getting a break on their sky high diesel prices and bitching about it…

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. — Auto repair shops across South Lake Tahoe are busy fixing vehicles this week after a fuel mix-up at an area Safeway gas station. Notices posted on the pumps at the Safeway located along Lake Tahoe … Continue reading

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“I did not touch those bodacious beautiful titties”

A Los Angeles Police Department officer accused of fondling a corpse during a death investigation entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment Monday, officials said. David Rene Rojas, 27, has been charged with a count of having sexual contact … Continue reading

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The State that can’t keep the power on now wants to ban all gasoline powered gardening tools

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) — If you’ve got a gas-powered lawnmower or leaf blower or any other garden equipment, you may have to give it up completely. California is considering a statewide ban on the small-engine machines and Novato is the … Continue reading

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The yacht – I’d have stolen the yacht

STOCKTON, Calif. — Two women were arrested Sunday in connection with stealing a boat in San Joaquin County. Marcela Martinez, 23, and Kaili Garrett, 28, were taken into custody at Paradise Point, in the 8000 block of Rio Blanco Road, … Continue reading

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Never let a crisis go to waste

Crude oil prices jumped in response to the United States’ targeted killing of Iran’s top general, and California drivers could see gasoline prices climb too, a fuel analyst said Friday. MORE

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