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Mad Max revisited

BARSTOW >> A Barstow man on a quad claiming to be “Mad Max” was arrested Thursday night after they found a cache of illegal weapons including a sawed-off shotgun, officials said. Jack Lee Ernest, 39, had several weapons, including brass … Continue reading

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“It was a beautiful ceremony”

“Your son is alive.” Frank J. Kerrigan, 82, couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was May 23, at night, and he clutched the phone at his home in Wildomar. On the line was Bill Shinker, a long-time family friend. … Continue reading

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Rule 4, assholes

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies mistakenly shot and killed a teenager in Palmdale early Thursday when their bullets bounced off the ground as they opened fire on an aggressive dog, sheriff’s officials said. The 17-year-old was struck in the chest … Continue reading

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We gotta have somebody to laugh at

President Donald Trump said he hopes House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi does not step down from her post. In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” that aired on Friday, Trump said he would like Pelosi to stay right where she … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Tuolumne County, California…..

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Who dropped the charges? CALIFORNIA???

In March, California’s Attorney General slapped David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, with a whopping fifteen felony charges. Daleiden and Merritt, by way of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), released several horrifying undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the … Continue reading

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In Los Angeles???

The guerrilla art movement is usually associated with leftwing politics. Banksy targets capitalism, consumerism and inequality. Blek le Rat, the father of stencil graffiti, depicts oppression and resistance. Shepard Fairey gilded Barack Obama’s rise with the iconic “Hope” poster and … Continue reading

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Who’s watching the watchers?

Oroville >> A former Butte County Sheriff’s Office evidence technician was ordered Tuesday to serve nearly a year in jail for stealing guns, drugs and money from the department’s evidence facility. Butte County Superior Court visiting Judge Jane York Punneo … Continue reading

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Florida – the new California

I never realized just how fucking weird Florida is until I moved here.

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Wait….. what?

A man set his underpants on fire in a Modesto (California) Walgreens Saturday, prompting a storewide evacuation. 45-year-old Andrew Cheadle reportedly told Modesto police that he had an accident, and when he could not remove his underwear, he attempted to … Continue reading

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You bet

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Why, those little scamps!

The Los Angeles Police Department has long hailed its cadet program as a successful partnership between police and the city’s young residents. The initiative is designed to help cadets develop life-building skills, bond with officers and volunteer at events such … Continue reading

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California drivers…..

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Blaming our Rights instead of the left wing

Your “thoughts and prayers” mean nothing after a mass shooting. They mean less than nothing. When expressed on social media, as they were Tuesday and every other day someone trains a gun on innocent people, those well-meaning sentiments create the … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games ’til somebody gets hurt

Juvenile great white sharks sighted along popular Southern California coasts have become a media sensation this spring. Now officials suspect that some media outlets aren’t satisfied with footage of naturally occurring shark sightings. Long Beach lifeguard officials say they strongly … Continue reading

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Going postal (kinda sorta) in SF

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Multiple people have been injured after a shooting at a UPS facility in the area of 17th Street and San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco, police say. Sources tell ABC7 News at least three people were … Continue reading

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The San Francisco of Colorado

Denver Colorado is about to smell worse than piss-soaked shit-stained San Francisco. The city voted to essentially decriminalize public urination and defecation and the reason is as liberal as it gets. The city is now becoming a giant toilet to … Continue reading

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Seventeen people were struck by droppings from a flock of geese who were above a large group of people at Disneyland on Friday night. Police and firefighters responded to Disneyland about 9 p.m. after a report of about 20 people … Continue reading

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Looks like eastern California to me

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