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Screwing the citizens while protecting PG&E

Even before the cause of the deadly Camp Fire is determined, California lawmakers are drafting legislation to shield PG&E from massive liabilities connected to the blaze. “We want to send a signal to the financial markets that we are not … Continue reading

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So many gun laws you need a book to keep them straight

HERE -Elmo

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Was Global Warming A Significant Factor in California’s Camp Fire? The Answer is Clearly No.

The Camp Fire that struck the northern California town of Paradise and vicinity is a profoundly disturbing environmental disaster of first magnitude. Nearly 100 people have lost their lives, approximately 10,000 homes have been lost, a major community has essentially … Continue reading

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Time to GTFO

CHICO – Wallywood is taking on a life of its own, but not if Walmart can stop it. Tuesday evening, hundreds of fire survivors began to bed down for another cold night in the parking lot of the Walmart in … Continue reading

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Camp Fire update

The number of reported dead in the Butte County Camp Fire increased by two Tuesday for the second day in a row, bringing the total up to 81, according to a Cal Fire incident report. The number of missing people … Continue reading

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In smoldering wildfire ruins, life goes on for a hardy few

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — Brad Weldon lost his home to fire when he was a kid, so when a deadly wildland blaze came roaring toward his ranch house in the pines where he lives with his 89-year-old blind mother, he … Continue reading

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Well, slap my ass and call me Sally!

A guilt ridden departing governor Jerry Brown concedes that President Donald Trump is absolutely correct in the California mismanagement of the forestry. With the death of untold numbers of people –yet to be discovered– Jerry Brown knew immediate changes were … Continue reading

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California Compliant


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No slack at all

CHICO, Calif. (Reuters) – Thousands of people displaced by California’s most destructive wildfire, including hundreds living in tents and cars, face heavy rains next week that could trigger dangerous floods and mudslides, while helping douse the flames. MORE

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In a nutshell

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President Snowflake

Add one more name to the growing list of Democrats preparing to run for president in 2020: Marianne Williamson — pal of Oprah, spirituality guru and fixture of Hollywood’s New Age community. Williamson, a best-selling author of a dozen books … Continue reading

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Lead the way, asshole – I dare you

WASHINGTON — A Democratic congressman has proposed outlawing “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” and forcing existing owners to sell their weapons or face prosecution, a major departure from prior gun control proposals that typically exempt existing firearms. In a USA Today … Continue reading

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Probably his relatives

As migration-related news coverage continues to center around U.S. troops deploying to the U.S.-Mexico border in anticipation of the migrant caravan’s long-awaited arrival, one service member has reportedly gone against the security grain by smuggling Mexican migrants into the United … Continue reading

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SoCal Fire May Have Ejected “Incredibly Dangerous” Radioactive Particles Into The Atmosphere

The 95,000 acre Woolsey fire which has coated Southern California with an apocalyptic orange glow may have released a toxic stew of radioactive particles and toxic chemicals into the air, after scorching the land on closed-down government weapons testing facility … Continue reading

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When you feel that fucking entitled

A woman was captured on video beating a McDonald’s store manager in Santa Ana recently, and police released the footage Tuesday as they intensified their efforts to catch the assault suspect. The incident began around 11 p.m. on Oct. 27, … Continue reading

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Everybody forgets about the cool people there

USA – -( This morning I saw a picture of the fires in California with the caption “Pray for California”, and the comments said things like “Let California burn” Now I have family in California ….. I wasn’t happy. I … Continue reading

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I’m surprised Brown didn’t throw a Welcome Home party

SAN DIEGO — People on the Mexican side of the border could be seen climbing the fence near Friendship Park Tuesday afternoon after part of the Central American migrant caravan arrived in Tijuana. Several people scaled the fence and sat … Continue reading

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The people of Paradise can blame Jerry Brown

Every governor has signed regretful legislation, or made a disastrous pardon he or she would like a chance to re-do. California’s whacky outgoing Democrat governor has spent the last eight years trying to convince the people of California that we … Continue reading

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Fresno cops shoot former police captain

Police received a call at 11:30 a.m. from a woman at a home near Moody and Colfax avenues who feared a man in the home with a history of recent mental health issues might try to kill himself, Dyer said. … Continue reading

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When your public utility burns you out

A woman in Northern California said Monday that the Pacific Gas & Electric Co. contacted her about “sparks” in power lines on her property one day before the deadly wildfire in Paradise began. Betsy Ann Cowley said the power company … Continue reading

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