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CharlieGodammit’s first words: “You gonna eat that?”

For those who ever wondered what would happen if dogs could talk, they may soon find out as ‘pet translators’ could be available in an little as a decade. An Amazon-backed report claims the technology could hit the shops within … Continue reading

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Told you he was all fur

I really didn’t mean to shave his tail but when I was working on his hips he jerked away and the clippers took out a big chunk off of it. He’s not real happy with me shaving his ass but … Continue reading

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Kicking back on the back porch this morning: On patrol. He does this several times a day, walking the perimeter of the property, always counterclockwise, just smelling and pissing and shitting his way along. I haven’t got a clue why … Continue reading

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Whatever, man

Miss Lisa: “Charlie? Come here, Charlie. Charlie??? Please? Kenny, call Charlie in, he keeps ignoring me.” Me: “CHARLIE, GET YOUR FUCKING ASS IN HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!” Charlie comes trotting in all happy and shit. Miss Lisa: “I don’t know … Continue reading

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I did a double take

He’s about half the size of CharlieGodammit but damn, the resemblance is remarkable.

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I told you they were alive and fine

That big yella bastard, CharlieGodammit: And his usual position on the porch or lawn: And finally, heading over to take a dump where I’ll be walking before he noticed me watching him: Before anybody says anything about him getting fat, … Continue reading

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Dog update

Some of y’all get kinda cranky when I don’t update you on the dogs now and again. They’re fine. They’ve adapted to life out here just like I figured they would. CharlieGodammit is starting to show his age. He’s 10 … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit’s latest stunt

That fucking dog has taken to shitting right up against the trees. You wanna take a scientific wild-ass guess as to what happens when I’m trimming around the trunk and don’t see it and hit it with a gas powered … Continue reading

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Stormin’ Charlie

Last night we had one hell of a storm roll over us – heavy rain, winds, power outage, all that good shit. Lightning was flashing everywhere every couple seconds and thunder was a continuous rolling with occasional earsplitting cracks when … Continue reading

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That reminds me…

…it’s almost time for Charlie’s springtime shaving.

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CharlieGodammit has come up with something new over the past couple months. Just about the time I think I’ve seen it all that big yella bastard comes up with something else. He’s been shitting in front of my shop and … Continue reading

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Riding with Charlie (and Legal Lucy)

Those dogs love to ride. I think it’s for different reasons – CharlieGodammit likes to stick his head out the window and aerate his gums and Legal Lucy likes to bark at people once we get to where we’re going … Continue reading

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What, you don’t own a dog?

CharlieGodammit would get right on that shit, polishing it up so clean it’ll just take a soapy rag to go over it.

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Me and that Great Big Yella Bastard over the years

He’s doing fine in his old age with his nose planted firmly up Miss Lisa’s ass. He was about 6 years of age according to the woman I got him from who found him running wild but judging by his … Continue reading

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Must be a bitch to get old

Yeah I don’t know what the fuck CharlieGodammit’s attitude problem is lately. It seems like every time I give his tail a good hearty yank when he’s sleeping, that motherfucker whips around and bites the shit out of me. Fucking … Continue reading

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Hey! Anybody seen CharlieGodammit???


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Angel’s Max and this guy need to get together

Max: HERE When we laid over in Amarillo on our way out here, Angel stopped by with Max to visit. Li’l fucker was wanting to whip CharlieGodammit’s ass – probably could’ve done it too.

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CharlieGodammit – ma’ nigga

Let’s see, my last dog’s affectionate nickname was Homie or Homedawg, Charlie’s is Ma’ Nigga (as in Whut up, ma’ Nigga) and it makes me wonder what my next dog’s will be. Cracka? Slope? It’s hilarious, I’ll pull up around … Continue reading

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Shades of me and CharlieGodammit

A student was elated to be given a ‘free puppy’ – only to discover that the uncharacteristically wild dog was in fact a wolf. He came across the creature after spotting a sign on a house in Tuscon, Arizona, offering … Continue reading

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Yard selling

I’m not a big yard sale person. I don’t really get into the whole yard selling thing, going to or having them. I don’t have a good enough eye to spot a bargain and luckily I realize that, I don’t … Continue reading

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