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Nine years ago…..

Me and CharlieGodammit enjoying a Tall Boy in the backyard.

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Shades of CharlieGodammit

We used to drive Lisa insane when he was younger. We’d get to roughhousing and he’d start growling, snarling and snapping, his eyes would get hard, then I’d pry his jaws apart and stick my neck between them. As soon … Continue reading

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They spent taxpayer money on this shit?

EAST LANSING, Mich. — It’s probably no surprise to their owners, but dogs, much like people, have distinct personalities (canine-alities?) that shift and change over time, according to a new study. Researchers at Michigan State University say dogs also have … Continue reading

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That’s my CharlieGodammit

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Dog update

CharlieGodammit Starting with Charlie first because he’s the easiest. Not too much going on with the old man. He’s still fat, lazy and happy. He’s losing a few pounds because I had to quit giving Legal Lucy treats, so his … Continue reading

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Jack don’t like Copenhagen

I was getting a chew and he saw something that looked like it might be going in my mouth so he jumped up with his paws on the arm of my chair and stuck his nose down in the can. … Continue reading

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Looks like I done lost Jack(ass)

No, he’s still here eating food I bought and chewing my shit up, but his loyalties lie elsewhere. It all started when Lisa gave me such a hard time about him being outside in the cold, so I finally relented … Continue reading

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He’s actually showing promise of being a pretty damned good dog. Finally. Remember that post I did bitching and whining about all the shit he’s chewed up so far? He ain’t chewed up a shittin’ thing since I posted that, … Continue reading

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The Hell Hound

Elmo told me that Jack looks demonic in this picture. He’s got a dog biscuit sideways in his mouth, giving him that weird grin. And I have no idea what’s up with his left eye. It’s normally open, but it … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit’s quirks

Miss Lisa has a small $35 a month flip phone for when we’re on the road – it damned sure ain’t for home with our weak-ass signal. We get enough of a signal that the phone rings for a call … Continue reading

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How to Safely Clear Your Home

It’s 2 AM, and you’re lying asleep in bed. Your wife is snuggled next to you, and your young children are slumbering soundly in their respective bedrooms. The sound of the creaking back door awakens you. You weren’t expecting any … Continue reading

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Really, Charlie???

So after seeing an albino deer in the back corner 8-9 days ago, I went down and bought some mineral blocks and a game cam hoping to get a picture of it to post for y’all. I bought the mineral … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit and Legal Lucy’s day

I took Charlie and Legal Lucy into the vet this morning, Lucy for her round of shots and heartworm test, and Charlie for that also and grooming as well. When they wanted to weigh them I told Charlie “Hit the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

“I woke last night to the sound of thunder, How far off I sat and wondered…” We’ve been getting hit with some pretty damned strong thunderstorms the past 4 days, downpours of an inch in just a few minutes and … Continue reading

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Every dog – except CharlieGodammit – I’ve ever had has had a depression he’s either dug out or claimed to lay in when it’s hot.

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No shit

I can be dead drunk, passed out and unconscious but if I hear CharlieGodammit starting that stomach convulsion, I levitate out of bed. I’ve been known to sleep through gunfire, a car accident (with me in the car), and kids … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit would kill me in my sleep

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No, this ain’t CharlieGodammit

But it’s a dead ringer for him, especially the way he’s working that bone. -Phil

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Aaaand that would be CharlieGodammit

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Huh. CharlieGodammit answers to ‘mah nigga’.

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