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Mangy coyotes

Police in the Chicago suburb of Hanover Park are warning residents that coyotes suffering from mange are being confused for sickly looking stray dogs. The Hanover Park Police Department posted to Facebook, writing that people have been contacting them after … Continue reading

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Lost dog

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Les Johnson

This is the guy from Predator Quest that really got me into hunting coyotes.

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And y’all thought I was bullshitting you

Have a coyote problem? Get a donkey. No, from what we can tell, this photo isn’t a joke. While they’re mostly known for their ornery and stubborn reputation, donkeys also loathe coyotes. In fact, a lone, daring ‘yote in South … Continue reading

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Another reason why you don’t poison coyotes

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – A “cyanide bomb” planted by U.S. predator-control agents targeting coyotes near homes and hiking trails in Idaho exploded when a boy handled the device, injuring him and killing his dog, authorities and relatives said on Friday. … Continue reading

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You gotta admit the coyote is a nice touch

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Better him than me

A California coyote hunter found the roles of predator and prey reversed last week when a big cat pounced on him and he shot the cougar. The incident occurred Friday near the northern shore of Mono Lake, between Yosemite National … Continue reading

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Coyote proof

True fact – Donkeys hate coyotes with a passion. If they spot a coyote they will charge, attack and stomp it into a bloody mess and if there’s more than one donkey they’ll both work it over. If you run … Continue reading

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More talent and patience than I have

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Howling for coyotes – a beginner’s guide

Howling for coyotes can be tricky if you don’t stay in practice. You can flub a distress call and it ain’t no big deal but if you fuck up a howl, the coyotes immediately figure out what’s going on. Not … Continue reading

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At least it’s got a great centerpiece

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

Sig knows me well, huh?

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Springtime coyotes

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No, you may not pass.

I know that wolves are pretty much a pain in the ass as far as livestock is concerned and they really fuck up a game population, but I would love to see some. To me, that would be like seeing … Continue reading

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No wonder they’re so fucking mellow


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And it sounds like there’s 30 of them instead of 3


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Terry’s cheap rodent trap

Terry says Wile E. gets along fine with the Angus steers.

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That’s a beautiful picture right there, isn’t it? I mean, that is a classic western shot, a coyote howling into the moon. I’ve never seen that scene before. Seriously. Or this: Or this: Nope, when I’m working coyotes I might … Continue reading

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I hate wicker furniture

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What’s in my predator hunting pack?

Well, it depends on how far I’m ranging that day or trip. I don’t hunt big game (because big game hunting in California is either expensive or non-existent) but the basic items for hunting big game or predators is basically … Continue reading

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