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I’m going to guess rabies

A coyote attacked a teen in the woods of Massachusetts over the weekend, Boston 25 News and other local media reported. The incident happened in Swampscott, northeast of Boston, on Saturday night and paramedics rushed the 17-year-old victim to a … Continue reading

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Now there’s something you don’t see every day

Hey Kenny, You aren’t going to believe this, so I added pictures. I’ve seen coyotes come over my chainlink fence, in the past. The dog usually chases them off and they leave without my chickens. A few weeks ago, one … Continue reading

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Using compressed air to skin a coyote

Coyotes require time, and patience when it comes to skinning them. The air skin method almost takes all the work out of it. The coyote is not actually skinned, but the hide is separated with ease from the tissue. MORE

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Coyotes help capture a fugitive

An Iowa fugitive on the run calls the police for help after he and another were chased by a pack of coyotes. On Oct. 20, 2014, Daniel Rice, 21, escaped after being transported from the Mascatine County Jail to a … Continue reading

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Coyote mauls Pennsylvania woman

BROOKVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Authorities are on the hunt for a possibly rabid coyote that mauled a woman in Western Pennsylvania, leaving her badly wounded and “drenched in blood.” Brookville borough police say a night shift employee of an assisted … Continue reading

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United kills another pet…

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Coyote attacks NC girl

A 9-nine-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote outside of her home in North Carolina. On Thursday evening, the animal approached Madilyn Fowler on her porch, leaving her with minor injuries, including scratches on her bottom, back and face, the … Continue reading

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Cop shoots coyote, Wile E. escapes anyway

On a break from class Wednesday night, Erik Olvera Perez happened across a startling sight at California State University, Los Angeles. A campus police officer had cornered a coyote near the television, film and media parking garage on campus at … Continue reading

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Gives ‘rolling up some coyotes’ a whole new meaning

-BW Bandy

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At least they’re not competing with Chicago’s other feral animals

This is a coyote “patrolling” the streets (and not just any street, this is State Street!) in downtown Chicago. It’s supposed to be there, say the police. And it’s not alone. Chicago’s Cook County now has over 60 coyotes fitted … Continue reading

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Gotta identify that target, folks

The Taylorsville Times reports that a local pastor has died in a hunting tragedy after another hunter mistook him for a coyote and shot him. Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman stated that on February 19, 2018, at approximately 5:52 p.m., … Continue reading

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I’m not seeing a problem here

Prowling coyotes have become so prevalent in rural Virginia that some residents are stringing up multiple carcasses from tree branches at farms and ranches. A dozen dead coyotes swaying from a roadside tree in the tiny mountain town of West … Continue reading

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So a coyote can live 2 weeks without food or water?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife rescuers freed a young female coyote that wandered rural areas northeast of Sacramento with a plastic jar stuck over its head for nearly two weeks. The Sacramento Bee reports the rescuers captured the coyote near … Continue reading

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Meet the Coywolf

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Fanciest hunting blind I’ll ever shoot out of

A couple weeks ago when it was ass biting cold with a couple inches of ice and snow on the ground I noticed a pile of frozen coyote shit right outside the chicken coop door. Yes, I’m very familiar with … Continue reading

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Brave bastards

Coyotes coming into the neighborhoods during the SoCal fires. -GratefulDog

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Fucking city folks…..

Earlier this month, a Chicago alderman was obliged to remind residents that it is unwise to let dogs play with wild coyotes. * Apparently, the pet owners were either unconcerned or unaware that coyotes regularly attack, and often kill, domesticated … Continue reading

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Hunting Eastern Coyotes

You probably don’t know Tim Eaton. He’s a Kentucky preacher who can skin a buck, call a turkey, catch a bass, and hold his own in just about any outdoor pursuit you care to name. But to people in these … Continue reading

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Eastern Coywolves

The future of the coyotes that roam forests, cities and suburbs from Newfoundland to Virginia could hinge on the animals becoming the ‘wolves’ of the East Coast. And humans better get used to them. Coyotes have lived in the East … Continue reading

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This is news?

Chimpanzees adjust their warning calls if they think a fellow primate hasn’t picked up on a nearby threat, a new study finds. The results, published in the journal Science Advances, reveal that humans and one of their closest living relatives … Continue reading

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