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Scorpio – call him Scorpio

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Dogs – gotta love ’em

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I’m pretty sure nobody’s gonna fuck with her

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The dog saw his opening and went for it

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Puppy Love

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Say Hello to my leetle frien’

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‘Good Deed’ backfires

A Parma man is facing charges after doing what he thought was a good deed. An Ohio law gives immunity to anyone who breaks a window to rescue an animal or child. Richard Hill says he truly believed the dogs … Continue reading

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WEST BEND — A West Bend man contracted a blood infection after he was licked by a dog, and in an unusual set of circumstances, he needed multiple amputations. One month ago, Greg Manteufel was a long way from a … Continue reading

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Good to the last drop

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Who’s for dinner?

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What the fuck?

At first it looked like an accident. A 4-year-old Chihuahua named Dunky was lying in the street dead when its owner returned to the garage where he had parked during lunch on Feb. 10 in San Francisco, according to police. … Continue reading

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Right on (the dog, I mean)

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Dog gets free cheeseburgers for life

TOLEDO, Ohio (WSVN) – A dog suffering from terminal cancer will be able to eat his favorite meal during his last days: Burger King cheeseburgers. Alex Karcher tweeted about his dog, a boxer-lab mix named Cody. The tweet read in … Continue reading

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The pain of owning a white dog

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Yup coyotes are gonna act like coyotes, even in the city

ALAMO — As he always does in the mornings, Kent Molinaro earlier this month woke up and let his 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier into the backyard to relieve herself. But moments later, when he looked outside, he was shocked to … Continue reading

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My Punkindog used to sit like this for hours at a time.

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“Thanks for the help, li’l buddy”

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Florida, California….. close enough

A woman allegedly stabbed a man Monday in downtown after becoming angered when a Chihuahua he was holding fell onto the ground and yelped, police said. The bizarre attack happened around 9:40 a.m. on Ninth Avenue near Broadway, San Diego … Continue reading

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