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I used to have this old dog named Captain, a great big beast of a dog, maybe a hundred twenty pounds with long black wavy hair. I was told he was half black lab and half golden retriever when I … Continue reading

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Hey, we all love our dogs, right?

A Patriot reader wrote in and asked if I’d run this for his daughter who just got hammered with a $4000 vet bill. Well, of course I will – we’ve run fundraisers for folks that were down on their luck, … Continue reading

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The night Alfalfa died

The death of Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer is still a very murky chapter in Hollywood history. The story usually goes that on the night of January 21, 1959, Alfalfa and a friend named Jack Piott came to the ranch-style Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Kevin??? Who in the hell names a dog Kevin???


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Doggie Downers

Law enforcement and veterinary officials are planning an outreach campaign to educate veterinarians about a new frontier in the opioid epidemic: people so desperate for drugs that they take medication that had been prescribed to pets. MORE

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What, you don’t own a dog?

CharlieGodammit would get right on that shit, polishing it up so clean it’ll just take a soapy rag to go over it.

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To Serve…..

A sheriff’s deputy in Houston has lost his job and stands accused of multiple charges after investigators accused him of several sexual offenses on Friday. Andrew C. Sustaita Jr. was, until recently, a police officer in Harris County, Texas. But … Continue reading

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Black Dog’s Lives Matter

President Obama had to deal with a small domestic crisis at the White House — a family friend was bitten by Sunny, the First Family’s 4-year-old dog. We’re told the incident occurred Monday when the 18-year-old was visiting the White … Continue reading

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Making do with what you got (revisited)

Concerning yesterday’s post:

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Meet Dick


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Me and that Great Big Yella Bastard over the years

He’s doing fine in his old age with his nose planted firmly up Miss Lisa’s ass. He was about 6 years of age according to the woman I got him from who found him running wild but judging by his … Continue reading

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But a chinaman wouldn’t care

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Time for a quickie

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Must be a bitch to get old

Yeah I don’t know what the fuck CharlieGodammit’s attitude problem is lately. It seems like every time I give his tail a good hearty yank when he’s sleeping, that motherfucker whips around and bites the shit out of me. Fucking … Continue reading

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Can you blame it?

A dog in Florida turned on its owner, who was trying to dress it in a sweater, biting the woman and others who tried to help her, police told local media outlets. The dog, named Scarface, bit Brenda Guerrero on … Continue reading

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Dogs, man…..

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When dogs get bored

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Another reason I love Tennessee

The subject of discussion on the local radio station talk show yesterday was “The joy of owning a good squirrel dog”. I’m not kidding and it was a good half hour talk.

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I’d have done the same thing

A 14-year-old north Phoenix boy jumped off a school bus when he saw smoke coming from his house Friday morning, running home to open the back door so his dog could escape, according to the Phoenix Fire Department. MORE

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