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Somebody wants his doggie treat

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I’d have to slap the shit out of that dog

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“We don’t know why Bubba runs away when we call him”

An Aurora couple are facing four counts of animal cruelty after police alleged they were having sex with their dog in a backyard motor home that had been converted into a sex chamber. Fredrick Blue Manzanares, 50, and his ex-girlfriend, … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t fuck with her

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You realize how much Saint Bernards drool?

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It’s a Dog’s Life

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That dog ain’t got no asshole!

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Died and gone to heaven

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Screwing the pooch

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The neighbor who lived adjacent to Ivan DeVoren‘s townhouse in Highland Park testified that he was so disgusted by the sounds he heard, his wife burst into tears and they had to leave. The neighbor testified Thursday … Continue reading

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Happy pup

Isn’t it funny how dogs always look happy when they find out they’re being given away to a new family but kids don’t?

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Man, that’s cold…

SEOUL: A South Korean farmer killed and cooked a neighbor’s barking dog before inviting its unsuspecting owner to join him for a dog-meat dinner, police said Wednesday, in a case that has sparked online outrage. The 62-year-old unnamed man confessed … Continue reading

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Fucking punk

MEDFORD – Police say a Shamong man abused a 14-week-old dog, causing injuries so severe the dog eventually died while in his care. And, police say, there’s more: The man also set up a GoFundMe account, raising more than $14,000 … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit would kill me in my sleep

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Yet they still allow chihuahuas…..

People living in a Lexington neighborhood were notified last week that several dog breeds, including pit bulls, Great Danes and huskies, were being banned. Homeowners in McConnell’s Trace were sent letters by the neighborhood developer detailing a change in an … Continue reading

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Might want to rephrase that

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Dogs – gotta love ’em

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“Check out the size of that fucking rabbit!!!”

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No, this ain’t CharlieGodammit

But it’s a dead ringer for him, especially the way he’s working that bone. -Phil

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Good, I’m glad

A former Navy sailor in Corpus Christi has been convicted of distributing a video showing the drowning of puppies, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Daniel James O’Sullivan, 26, was found guilty of distributing an animal crush video after an … Continue reading

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