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If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for them

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Hey, turnabout’s fair play

BOSCAWEN, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire man has been charged with resisting arrest and biting a police dog. Police say the man unsuccessfully tried to hide under a pile of clothes to evade arrest over the weekend and then … Continue reading

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“Lady-that-feeds-me, please put me the fuck down”

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“Sorry about your nuts, bro”

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Good dog… no, GREAT dog!!!

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“We’re getting tired of your shit, Carl”

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Dog’s First Snow


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CharlieGodammit and Legal Lucy’s Snow Day

CharlieGodammit’s always loved the snow from the very first time I took him up to the Sierras during the winter. Motherfucker loves nothing more than playing in the snow and then burying himself in a snowdrift for a nap when … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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Good dog

A US Army hero dog, who met Winston Churchill during his military duties in the Second World War, has been posthumously awarded the ‘animal Victoria Cross’ for his brave service. Chips, a Husky-cross, was recognised with a PDSA Dickin Medal … Continue reading

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Best dog EVER!!!

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Welcome home

***** Reminds me of my Gypsy when I got out of the army.

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An afternoon with your bestie

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2 dogs die, 1 injured after PetSmart groomings

Danielle DiNapoli was shocked to be told her beloved bulldog, Scruffles, was dead just one hour after being dropped off on Dec. 29 for a grooming at a Hunterdon County PetSmart. DiNapoli said she wasn’t told how Scruffles died, and … Continue reading

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Our stray/neighbor dog/whatever

He showed back up 3 times that I know of yesterday. The first time, he took off when I approached him but when he came back in the afternoon he let me get close enough to pet him and check … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know – I’m a soft touch

Been seeing this brindle cur every couple days since it got real cold- carrying a rear leg, ribs showing, real skittish, won’t let me near him. Fucking single digit temps at night with all the water sources froze over. Yeah, … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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Reminds me of CharlieGodammit

He jams the top of his head between my legs to get his ears scratched. Or maybe he’s returning the favor and giving me a nut-rubbin, I don’t know.

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I can think of an appropriate punishment

HARTFORD, Conn. – Police are investigating the death of a dog that was chained outside a Connecticut home in the bitter cold and found frozen inside its doghouse on New Year’s Day. MORE@USA Today

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