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To serve…..

LOGAN — The Cache County Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that police K-9 Endy died of heat exhaustion after being left alone in a hot police patrol car. As of Tuesday, possible criminal charges were pending for Endy’s handler. MORE -JG

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Not even a little bit impressed

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Nevada cop orders dog to attack surrendering suspect

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Oh no you don’t…..

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Cheri Glankler has been rescuing dogs for 20 years — the last five of those spent in Garden Valley — so the elderly retriever that ended up in her care in late June was nothing out of the ordinary. At … Continue reading

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Fucking Kentucky…..

The mayor’s office of the small town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, has gone to the dogs. Literally, as once again — and for the fourth time — the voters have elected a dog as their mayor. This month, a three-year-old … Continue reading

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Oh man, that’s terrible…..

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Fucked around and found out

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A new low

-kubotadog You have my permission to beat the fuck out of anybody you catch doing this shit. It’s a good idea anyway to train your dog to only eat what you physically hand them.

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Told you he was all fur

I really didn’t mean to shave his tail but when I was working on his hips he jerked away and the clippers took out a big chunk off of it. He’s not real happy with me shaving his ass but … Continue reading

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An unspoken consequence of illegal immigration

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They actually spent money to figure this out…..

Dogs have a surprising ability to make humans understand what their barks and growls mean, a study has shown. Women were better than men at recognising when a dog was being playful or threatening, or feeling fear, scientists discovered. For … Continue reading

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More balls than brains

-A mini CGD. Same looks, same attitude before I cut his balls off. Why did I not object when Doc suggested him being cut? Look at the fucking picture again, dumbass. CharlieGodammit’s half that size and I’m at least 1/10th … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in West Virginia…..

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Whatever, man

Miss Lisa: “Charlie? Come here, Charlie. Charlie??? Please? Kenny, call Charlie in, he keeps ignoring me.” Me: “CHARLIE, GET YOUR FUCKING ASS IN HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!” Charlie comes trotting in all happy and shit. Miss Lisa: “I don’t know … Continue reading

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I did a double take

He’s about half the size of CharlieGodammit but damn, the resemblance is remarkable.

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And Good Morning to you!

North Carolina police say they’re investigating the possible suicide of an Army veteran charged with shooting her service dog as she laughed. Fayetteville Police Lt. Todd Joyce said Sunday investigators believe that 23-year-old Marinna Rollins killed herself. Joyce declined to … Continue reading

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Look at him grin

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So you wanted a Labrador Retriever, huh?

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I told you they were alive and fine

That big yella bastard, CharlieGodammit: And his usual position on the porch or lawn: And finally, heading over to take a dump where I’ll be walking before he noticed me watching him: Before anybody says anything about him getting fat, … Continue reading

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