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My Punkindog used to sit like this for hours at a time.

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“Thanks for the help, li’l buddy”

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Florida, California….. close enough

A woman allegedly stabbed a man Monday in downtown after becoming angered when a Chihuahua he was holding fell onto the ground and yelped, police said. The bizarre attack happened around 9:40 a.m. on Ninth Avenue near Broadway, San Diego … Continue reading

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He didn’t bring water for his dog?

(Meredith) — A dog owner in Florida is left heartbroken after losing his seven-year-old dog to salt water poisoning after spending a day at the beach. Chris Taylor and his labrador O.G. played for hours in the water at the … Continue reading

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Answers to Tripod

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“How’s it feel, fucker?”

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Fucking rabbits…

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That’s it, nail her while she’s distracted

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At least he’s not drinking out of the toilet

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You wanna talk about Service Dogs?

A 7-year-old Alaskan husky named Nanook is being credited with helping rescue a cold, injured hiker Wednesday night in the Eagle River Valley. “He’s Alaska’s version of Lassie,” said Lt. Eric Olsen with the Alaska State Troopers. According to Olsen, … Continue reading

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Damn, that’s ironic as hell

HUNTINGTOWN, Md. – The woman mauled to death by a dog in Calvert County, Maryland Thursday was the fiance of a Prince George’s County Correctional Center K-9 handler. The couple lived together with a breeding pair of large Dogo Argentino … Continue reading

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Good boy, Odin

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Were they just trying to liven up a slow day or what?

A Dos Palos man says law enforcement officers have not explained why they came onto his property about a month ago, killed his dog and urinated on a fence. George Aguaristi filed a $1 million claim with Merced County for … Continue reading

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How to Safely Clear Your Home

It’s 2 AM, and you’re lying asleep in bed. Your wife is snuggled next to you, and your young children are slumbering soundly in their respective bedrooms. The sound of the creaking back door awakens you. You weren’t expecting any … Continue reading

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Bambi’s not a pushover after all

What began as a routine morning bathroom break for Pepper, a 9-pound miniature poodle, quickly turned tragic after a fatal encounter with an aggressive doe near Lake Owasso in Shoreview. MORE

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Good Morning

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Study: Dog parks are manifestations of rape culture and oppression

If you’re a dog owner, maybe, just maybe, a couple of things that come to mind when you take ‘ol Spot to the dog park are rape culture and non-heterosexual “performativity.” What’s that? You don’t consider such things when you’re walking the … Continue reading

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Good Morning

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Good Morning

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