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Fucking junkies never think it’ll happen to them

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — As many as 46 people overdosed in the city in 24 hours — many on the Green Wednesday — as emergency crews raced to save lives and one man was arrested as a “person of interest” … Continue reading

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Party Hearty

A Spanish driver astounded police this weekend when he was found to be under the influence of every drug officers could check for. On Saturday, police near the town of Carcastillo pulled over a car carrying six people, all piled … Continue reading

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Piss poor prior planning

Gotta make sure your vehicle’s in good running condition, paperwork’s current and all the lights work before running drugs.

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There is just so much wrong with this

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio – A mother believed to be overdosing on heroin gave birth in an Ohio Burger King bathroom stall, and first responders found the baby alive in the toilet Friday afternoon, according to Chillicothe police. Police initially responded to … Continue reading

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Blame Mom

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — A Glen Burnie man has been arrested after Maryland State Police said drugs and a gun were found in the car he was going to use to take his driver’s test. Officials said Reginald Wooding Jr., … Continue reading

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Rachelle Walker was working on a client’s hair in her in-home salon when the mystifying texts from her husband appeared on her phone. “Something is vey [sic] wrong with me,” Trevor Walker wrote. “I am having sensations in my arms … Continue reading

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When you don’t have anything to wash your drugs down with

A man held in Sacramento police custody for narcotics died Tuesday morning, after which he was found with a bagged substance inside his throat, according to the department. MORE

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Fiends are gonna fiend

DELRAY BEACH — Paul Wilson Streater didn’t take a drink of alcohol, smoke marijuana or snort a line of cocaine before Delray Beach police say he plowed his vehicle into a Dodge Caravan, killing all four of its occupants, two … Continue reading

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What, you don’t own a phone?

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Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

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Dope fiends aren’t known for their brilliance, ya know

A Katy woman was arrested in Wichita County on Thursday after she allegedly tried mailing meth to a high-profile Conroe double murderer in a North Texas prison, according to local reports. Sara Elizabeth Russell was jailed Thursday and held on … Continue reading

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Gotta calm the little fuckers down somehow

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Two people were arrested after candy and cookies containing marijuana were found at a Fayetteville day care. Fayetteville police said officers on Tuesday searched Tori’s Playhouse, a childcare center operated out of a home in the 1000 … Continue reading

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Oh, come on – nobody’s that clueless

Workers tending to the flowers around the town of Powell, Wyo., were shocked to discover a serious “weed” problem. Yes, that kind of weed. Powell police chief Roy Eckerdt told the Powell Tribune city workers had been unwittingly nurturing marijuana … Continue reading

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Drugs kill

Ten mature pot plants grew on state game lands in Berks County, in rural southeastern Pennsylvania, state police say. A 51-year-old resident of nearby Reading, who police say was fleeing the scene after a state game worker alerted police to … Continue reading

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“Turn on the siren, dawg – turn on the siren!”

Rio Linda — A Sacramento Metro Fire engine was stolen Saturday afternoon. Multiple law enforcement agencies pursued the vehicle as it headed North on Highway 65. Earlier in the day, Sac Metro responded to a vegetation fire in the Rio … Continue reading

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Even more Macon County News

Lafayette parents were recently arrested and face charges of child abuse and neglect following an incident that took place on July 4. Dale Anthony Metsiou, 41, and Julie Ann Pace, 39, were taken into custody after an incident occurred in … Continue reading

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Now there’s something you don’t see every day

INDIANAPOLIS — Firefighters at an Indianapolis fire station opened the door early Friday morning to a one-of-a-kind request for help: A frantic woman, distressed because her pet raccoon was stoned off of too much weed. The raccoon, according to Wayne … Continue reading

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Mothers of the Year

A mom and her girlfriend’s unconventional method of parenting sent them to jail in early July, according to Fox 59. Police say the boy, whose age was not released, was sometimes given marijuana if he “did something good,” and that … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in Kentucky…..

SALYERSVILLE – Three people are behind bars after one woman allegedly tried to sell methamphetamine in a Magoffin County courtroom. Telby Fields, 24, of Mount Olive, Kentucky, was in court on Monday, July 2, for a scheduled court date in … Continue reading

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